This is my ending to PGN. It's still not finished.


Part 1

–We see Peppa flying around inside the playgroup—

Peppa : WEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

–Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig arrive in Daddy Pig's Monster Truck—

Mummy : PEPPA!

Peppa : HII MOMMY!!! Wazzup?

Mummy : Come with me in my truck! Quickly!

Peppa : y tho

Mummy : We need to get to the annual Bagel wrestling competition in Los Floatless!

Peppa : Isn't that, like, 300 Miles away?

Mummy : That's why we need to get there quick!

Peppa : Can we fly there?

Mummy : It's called Los FloatLESS for a reason.

Peppa : But I can just melt all the signs against it!

Mummy : That is also against the law.

Peppa : Aww OK then...

–Peppa and Mummy Pig drive away–

Suzy : Are they gone?

Zoe : yush

–Everyone stops playing—

–Suddently, a table and some chairs come up from the floor, and everyone sits on the chairs–

Pedro : Why are we here, again?

Zoe : Well, we got a letter from Edmond.

Pedro : So did I.

Rebecca : I think we all did.

–Everyone Waits–

Pedro : So, where's Edmon-

–Edmond enters the door with a bottle over his shoulder and a Ski Mask on–

Edmond : *Ahem* Gentlemen?

Meet the Edmond

Then this picture appears

Edmond : I see everyone is safe?

Daddy Pig : Safe and Sound.

Pedro : Yeah we are!

Edmond : Tell me, did anyone happen to make Peppa Normal on their way here?


Edmond : No? Then we still got a problem.

–Edmond puts bottle on table–

Pedro : What's that?

Edmond : A bottle.

Pedro : I know, but what's inside?

Edmond : This, is the corpse of Kylie Kangaroo.

–Everyone Gasps–

George : Oooh, big problem. If we need to kill Peppa, I can do that easily –Takes knife–

Edmond : If you try to kill her, I assure you she will not like you. Nothing, Nothing can beat the girl loose in this country!

Pedro : What are you, president of her fanclub?

Edmond : No... That would be YOU.

–Edmond shows pictures of Pedro and Peppa kissing–

Everyone : WWHHAATT

Edmond : Shocking, I know. And now, she's here to melt US! But this reference is getting pretty long already so let's just cut to the chase.

George : What's the Plan?

Edmond : We use a machine that I invented a while ago for some guy with white eyes that wanted to remove his family.

Pedro : Wait - So we have to... Kill her?

Edmond : Yush. You either kill, or you get killed...

Part 2

Is not finished

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