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Welcome to Peppa Pig Fanon Wiki!
The wiki where you can create fan-made content related to Peppa Pig.
We currently have 3,797 articles and 96,506 edits since August 29, 2010‎.

If you want to create your own page, check the wanted pages and use this box:

New User Guide

If you are a new user, here are some tips:

  • Read the rules. Breaking them will result in a block.
  • Making good quality edits and being active will earn a promotion to a moderator, and then an admin.
  • Talk to an admin if you have a question.


  • This is a fanon wiki, which means the stuff on this wiki is fan-made and will never show on TV.
  • This wiki does not own Peppa Pig; Peppa Pig is copyrighted to Nick Jr., Channel 5 England and Entertainment One Family.
  • Some pages do contain some censored swear words, but keep in mind that the creators are not responsible for this.
  • Stuff can get pretty cracktastic on this wiki, so please don't hate!
    • Cracktastic means it's hilarious and makes very little sense. Not everyone sees it as funny.
  • Articles are written in English, but can have words from other languages as long as there is a there is a translation somewhere. Articles can be in either American, Canadian or British English, so please don't correct the spellings.


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