Narrator (Bill Gates): Tonight is Death Night! With killer err I mean star of the first two Skulcher movies, Max Coolen.

Mac+Cool: *sees Mummy Pig* Hello

Mummy Pig: Hello Mac

Mac+Cool: *stabs Mummy Pig's breasts*

Mummy Pig: *bleeds to death and dies* 

[Cuts to a shopping mall]

Pepper: *sings The Name Game* 

Random Human: You suck! Ugly reject *throws Pepper into a movie theater*

Mac+Cool: I'm going to scare the hell out of little kids for Halloween!

Peppa the Killer: *kills Satania* Hello!

Littlebat10: Were watching Horror: The Movie

Lio: I LIKE FTHEST 3: Revenge of the Chip

2005EvimothCity: Why? And what's FTHEST 3: Revenge of the Chip?

Mac+Cool: I dunno

Lio: I made that up

2005EvimothCity: Oh

Peppalloween: Hello


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