"How Daddy Stole Christmas" is the first episode from Season 1 of The Peppa Show.


It is Christmas. Peppa and George come out of their house riding on their sleds holding their letters for Father Christmas, they meet Peppa's friends (From left to right; Emily Elephant, Zoe Zebra, Rebecca Rabbit, Suzy Sheep, Candy Cat, Pedro Pony and Danny Dog.), they all go on to their sleds holding letters, and then stops at the postbox, Peppa and friends explain what they want for Christmas; Suzy, a toy piano, Danny, a bike, Pedro, a computer, Emily, a scooter, Candy, a toy robot, Rebecca, a music machine, Zoe, a toy bus, George, a dinosaur costume for next Halloween, and Peppa, a The Mr. Potato Show DVD. Mr. Zebra the Postman drives by and packs all the letters for Father Christmas in a box, and then he takes the box inside the van and drives away.


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