Emily was a very shy person when she started out, unlike the Emily we know and hate today whose best friends are Lisa and Brianna, nicknamed her walky-talky girls by Peppa. In her shy days, Emily was all, well, shy. One lunchtime at playgroup on a day when Emily was still the shy type, she decided to sit on a bench and think of something she could do about her shyness. Then, she saw Lisa Fox, Brianna Bear and Kaylee Kangaroo, who were being snobby, rude and stuff like that. "That's it!", Emily thought. "I can be a snob!" So Emily started being really rude to Peppa, Suzy, Danny and Pedro and also showed off at them and told on them and rarely got in trouble for it. She later formed a clique consisted of Lisa, Brianna and Kaylee and whenever Emily would insult Peppa, Lisa would agree and Brianna would agree even more, and it still happens today.

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