Hypnothermia is an episode of Peppa Pig. The title is a portmanteau of 'hypnotize' and 'hypothermia'.



Peppa: *wakes up* Morning, George!
Snowy Abbie

Abbie As She Appears In This Episode

George: *wakes up* *snorts*

Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig (running around): IT'S COLD! IT'S COLD! IT'S COLD!

Peppa: Good morning Mummy Pig, good morning Daddy Pig.

Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig (running around): IT'S COLD! IT'S COLD! IT'S COLD!

Miss Rabbit cold tried to a tree

Peppa: Um... hello?

Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig (running around): IT'S COLD! IT'S COLD! IT'S COLD!

Peppa: *gets out of bed* *waves her hand in Mummy Pig's face*

Mummy Pig (running around): IT'S COLD! IT'S COLD! IT'S COLD!

In the kitchen...

Peppa: Great. Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig are just running around screaming 'it's cold' and not noticing the things around them! Who's gonna make breakfast now?

Tobias: I will!

Peppa: What?

Tobias: Well, since our parents are stuck running and screaming about the temperature, that means I get to miss out on school. I always hoped we'd get snow days in Peppaland.

Peppa: So?

Tobias: So I'm, in a really good mood! *gives Peppa some Corn Flakes* Here you go!

Peppa: Mmm! Yummy! *dips in her spoon and pulls out a sock* Ewww! Yucky!

Tobias: *falls over laughing*

Peppa: Grrrrrrrrr! Anyway, it's time for playgroup. Come on, George. We'll walk.

[They put their coats on and walk outside]

[All the adults in Peppatown are shown running around and screaming about the cold]

Peppa: Looks like it's all the adults in town! Let's party! Woohoo!

[Suzy, Danny and Pedro come]

Peppa: Let's go skiing!

Pedro: But how do we get to the mountains?

Peppa: We drive, DUH!

[They get into the car and drive up Snowy Mountain]

Peppa: That drive was a whole lot better than my dream that time.

Danny: Now let's get on that ski lift!

[They get on the ski lift]

Pedro: Ah, yes. The ski lift. So relaxing.

[The ski lift makes it to the top and Peppa, Suzy and Danny get off]

Peppa: Come on, Pedro!

Pedro: I'll stay on the ski lift, thanks.

Peppa: Let's raid the ski stand!

[They raid the ski stand]

Danny: Should we take the baby slope or the mountain?

Peppa: Well, what do you think?

[They ski down the mountain]

Peppa, Suzy and Danny: Wooohooo!

Pedro: You know, this ski lift is getting kind of boring. Maybe I'll join the gang on the baby slope.

Peppa, Suzy and Danny: YEEEEEEHAAAAWWW!

Pedro: On second thought, I'm good.

[Peppa, Suzy and Danny reach the bottom]

Peppa: That was fun!

Suzy: It's time for lunch!

In Peppatown...

[Peppa and her gang drive past]

Emily: Alright, girls, we need to get the grown ups out of this crazy phase before it's too late, starting with Miss Rabbit.

Miss Rabbit (running around): IT'S COLD! IT'S COLD! IT'S COLD!

[Lisa and Brianna tie her to a tree]

Emily: Oh, Miss Rabbit! You seem so cold! I'll give you a heat zap from my trunk! *blows through her trunk on Miss Rabbit's face*

At the manor....

[The gas and fire are on and Miss Rabbit is tied to the couch with a blanket on her, bouncing around shouting 'IT'S COLD' over and over]

Emily: Right, girls! To the artificial jungle!

In the fake jungle...

Emily: Alright, Miss Rabbit. It may be outdoors, but my artificial jungle is as warm as a real one!

Miss Rabbit (running around): IT'S COLD! IT'S COLD! IT'S COLD!

Emily: Looks like we're gonna have to bring out the big guns.

At Peppa's house...

[Peppa and her gang are shocked to find Tobias and hundreds of his friends partying like mad]

Peppa: What in the world?

Tobias (lying): Ah, Peppa. I need you and your gang to clean my room. I'm taking my friends down there to show them where the master of the party sleeps.

Peppa: Come to mention it, I miss being bossed around so much by grown ups.

Danny and Suzy: Yeah.

Pedro: You could ask me any day.

Tobias: Very good.

[Peppa and her gang go to the basement and into Tobias' room]

Tobias: *locks the basement door*

Suzy: I think he tricked us.

Peppa: We'll have to take the vent. *goes and comes back with a ladder*

[They climb into the vent and start crawling]

Peppa: That slope looks a bit tall.

Suzy: And steep.

Peppa: Everybody out!

[They get out]

Peppa: Alright, guys. We're going to have to dig out. *gets a spade* You know, it's good that the basement's where we keep all our stuff. *starts digging* GRRRR! Not working!

In Edmond's lab...

Miss Rabbit (running around): IT'S COLD! IT'S COLD! IT'S COLD!

Emily: Edmond, I'd like you to heat Miss Rabbit at the hottest temperature that a person can tolerate!

Edmond: Sure. *grabs Miss Rabbit's hand and drags her to the Heatonator 5000* *puts it on 45°C*

Miss Rabbit: *comes out* Phew! I was freezing to death there! Thank you! And now, after so much heat, I feel I need to go out in the snow! *goes outside* Oh my goodness, it's chaos!

Back at the Pig house...

[Tobias and his friends are partying like mad]

Miss Rabbit: *comes in* Back home, all of you.

Party guests: Awwwww!

Miss Rabbit: That's right, everybody out.

[Everyone sadly leaves]

Miss Rabbit: Wait. Where's Peppa?

Peppa (offscreen): IN THE BASEMENT!

Miss Rabbit: Coming! *unlocks the basement door* *goes down*

Peppa: Miss Rabbit! Thank goodness!

Suzy: We were trying everything to get out!

Miss Rabbit: Well, you can get out now. Follow me!

Peppa: Um, we know how to get to the stairs.

Miss Rabbit: I need you to come with me anyway.

At the bus depot....

[They get into Miss Rabbit's bus]

Peppa: Why are we doing this?

Miss Rabbit: We're collecting all the adults in town load by load to take to Emily's manor. *starts the bus*

Peppa: Why Emily Smellyphant's manor?

Miss Rabbit: That's where Edmond warmed me. *stops the bus at the bus stop*

[They get out and collect all the adults they can]

Miss Rabbit: Woah. The bus is full! To Emily's Manor! *drives to Emily's manor*

Peppa: *gets out* *knocks*

Emily: What do you want, Peppa?

Peppa: Got your adults! Cold and ready-to-warm!

Emily: But Peppa! Without adults, you're entirely free to do whatever you want!

Peppa: That may be so, but adults are more than just bossy bootses. They keep us safe and look after us.

Suzy, Danny, Pedro and Miss Rabbit: Awww.

Emily: Come on, Peppa!

Edmond: *comes out* Sure I'll do it! Come with me, adults!


Edmond: Alright, Peppa. I unhypnotised the adults, but that comes with a price.

Peppa: How much?

Edmond: Not money! The price is - the next time George says 'dine-saw', force feed a saw down his throat, and when your parents ask you what you're doing, say he told you he wanted to dine on a saw.

Peppa: *gives Edmond an angry look* Nope, because he's my brother!

Edmond: *sighs* Just joking.

Mr. Cat: Now, I've got some groceries to get.

Mrs. Zebra: And I've got a train to catch.

Miss Rabbit: *gulps* Well, you see, there are loads more adults to unhypnotize.

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