This episode has been banned due to Antonioespejo throwing 2 dinosaurs and a dragon.

Antonioespejo: George, Richard. Since you won't stop scaring your sisters, I am going to throw it at a high floor building.

George: Noooo! don't do it!

Richard: Noooo! don't do it!

Antonioespejo: Too bad.

[antonioespejo picks up george's and richard's dinosaurs]

George and Richard: [cry]

[antonioespejo goes in a high floor building]

George and Richard: Mommy! Antonioespejo pick up our dinosaurs! Get him!

Antonioespejo: Too bad!

Mommy pig and Mommy rabbit: OK.

[antonioespejo presses the button quicky]

5 seconds later...

Mommy pig and Mommy rabbit: We're so close to get Antonioespejo!

[Lift right called]

Antonioespejo: No!

[Antonioespejo goes on a lift]

Antonioespejo: I will go to floor 50. [Antonioespejo presses 50]

Mommy pig and rabbit: We're near Antonioespejo!

Antonioespejo: Oh no! I will press the elevator door close quicky before they arrive at me! [Quicky presses the close

door to make doors close]

Mommy pig and rabbit: Oh no! Antonioespejo is on the lift! it is fast! Let's go on the stairs to reach him! (elevator goes at 4 m/s)

5 minutes later...

Antonioespejo: I am at Floor 50!

[Elevator doors open]

[Antonioespejo leaves the lift]

Antonioespejo: Yay! I am going to throw the dinosaurs.

[antonioespejo goes on a house]

Antonioespejo: Goodbye, dinosaurs! you will never see them again, George and Richard! [throws 2 dinosaurs into the window]

George and richard: [cry]

Mommy pig and rabbit: What's wrong?

George and richard: Antonioespejo throwed our dinosaurs!

[Doors open to make Antonioespejo goes on a lift quicky]

[Antonioespejo presses L and presses close]

Antonioespejo: No more dinosaurs!

5 minutes later...

Antonioespejo: I arrived at the lobby!

[Antonioespejo leaves the high floor building]

Antonioespejo: And Didier Donkey, since you won't stop saying "Dragon! Grrrr!" I'm going to throw it at a high floor building.

Didier Donkey: (Crying)

[Antonioespejo picks Didier's dragon]

Mama and Papa donkey: Oh no! Antonioespejo picked your dragon, right Didier donkey?

Didier Donkey: (Turns his face up and down)

Antonioespejo: You cant catch me, Mama and papa donkey! I'm making a trap!

[Antonioespejo sets a trap fpr Mama and Papa donkey]

Antonio: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

[Antonioespejo goes on a high floor building]

[Antonioespejo presses up button and presses floor 50]

5 minutes later...

Antonioespejo: Yay! I'm in floor 50!

Antonioespejo: Say goodbye to your dragon, Didier Donkey!

Didier donkey: No! I will slap you in the foot!

[Didier slaps Antonioespejo and makes Didier's dragon fall]

Didier: (crying)

Antonio: Didier, stop crying like an idiot!

[Antonio presses down, goes on a elevator and presses L]

Didier in floor 50: (Crying before the doors close)

5 minutes later...

Antonio: I'm in the lobby!

Antonioespejo: Sadly, it's time to go me to my house. Goodbye!