IF7u (stylized as iF7u) is a sci-fi/comedy series.

Main Characters

Season 1: Evilmoth

Peppa Pig is the protagonist.

CreationBeTheWorld23 is the deuteragonist. In the season finale Creation is actually the Evilmoth.

2005EvimothCity (named 2005EvilmothCity in this series) is the antagonist.

Mac+Cool is the tritagonist turned secondary antagonist.

Drdevilfx is the antagonist's sidekick.

Season 2: Stranded Deep

Mac+Cool is the main protagonist.

Peppa is the deuteragonist.

RTXD is a Wilson volleyball.

SpongeBob is a fish.

Season 3: Planet Full of Water

Mac+Cool is the main protagonist.

Siri is the deuteragonist.

RTXD is a Cyclops vehicle.

SeaMoth is a vehicle and the late 22nd century version of EvolvedMoth.

Peppa (now deceased) is a hologram.

Season 4: Back To The Past

Mac+Cool is Marty McFly

RTXD is Doc Brown

Peppa is a hologram

Siri is the DeLorean

Season 5: The Evilmoth

Mac+Cool is the protagonist

RTXD is the deuteragonist

Evilmoth is the main antagonist. After EvolvedMoth left, he became a Weremoth called Evilmoth and BatucanClouden took his place.

DaleTheWeirdo is the antagonist's sidekick

Siri is the tritagonist

Season 6: Evilmoth's Revenge