qué siguiente? de alguien va decir me a borrar este tambièn? > 0 >

i was stuck on a title for this, so, boom. Ice cream boat. at least this one SORT of makes sense

ice cream fixes everything

Narrator: It is a great morning

Mummy pig: ~stretches and yawns~ i have to wake up the piggies.

she walks to peppa and george's room

Mummy pig: wake up!

George: ~wakes up~ dine-saw!

Mummy pig: yes, george. what a lovely dinosaur day it is.

George: ~giggles and runs downstairs~

Mummy pig: good morning, peppa! it? or is this just another day of my useless, insignificant existance?

Mummy pig: ugh. THIS again.

Peppa: see? you're obviously sick of me. just like everyone else on this planet. i should just go. ;(

Mummy pig: ~walks out~


Daddy pig: how's peppa doing?

Mummy pig: she's so frikin depressing. she has 1000 friends, she gets everything she wants, she has a tv show, yet she feels like she has nothing.

George: what will we do?


Daddy pig: what? but i was saving it for--

Mummy pig: ALL OF IT!!!

George: dine-saw!

Daddy pig: GGGGET THE PORTAL!!!!!!!!1

Back upstairs

Peppa: (still in bed) ~sighs~

~the ceiling rips off the top of her bedroom~

~a portal appears~

Peppa: what?

~ice cream flies out of the portal and all over peppa~

Peppa: ~gasps and rainbows appear in her eyes~...................:D

Fairies: ~dance out of the room~ YYEEEEA! PEPPASAURUS!

Peppa: ~eats all the ice cream~ MY ENTRIRE LIFE HAS TURNED AROUND

Pig family: ~dances into the room~ AAAAAAAAAAAH YEEEEEEAAAAA.

~they all dance forever with rainbow eyes~

the end


  • george doesn't say "Dine-saw" for no reason