If Peppa Could Fly Is an episode of Sonicthehedgehog223's fanon reloaded.


Peppa: Hey, George.

George: Yeah?

Peppa: Why can't we fly?

George: Because gravity pulls us down if we try.

Peppa: I don't understand?

George: Do I need Alex to explain the laws of physics again.

Peppa: Gosh, please no!

George: That's what I thought.

(Peppa steals a jetpack)

Peppa: I can fly with this!

(The nerds of Peppatown start running to find her)

Peppa: Oh gosh, I need to get out of here!

(Peppa fails and falls to the ground)

Peppa:(Screams and jumps outside) 

Peppatown bystanders: D:

Peppa: OMG, I'm flying!

The end

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