Imaganation is the 5th episode of season of Peppa pig: the anime. It is the 5th episode overall.


The pig family gets bored, so they use their imaganations.


Peppa: Mummy, go to the store and by something fun.

Mummy: No.

Peppa: Why?

Mummy: Because i'm too lazy to get in the car.

Alex: I'm not bored.

George: How are you not bored?

Alex: I read books.

All: Lame!

Alex: Then use your imaganations, i'm sure you will come up with something.

George: Pretend dino land!!!!!!!!

All: Ugh!

George: Lets make dino island!

2 pathetic hours of building dino island later...

Alex: I want nothing more to do with dino island.

Peppa: muddy mountain!

Daddy: So we use brown blankets.

George: No, we use poop!

All: Ewwww!

George: Ha Ha! JK!

All: Grrrrr!!!

109 seconds later...

Poop explosion!

The end






  • This episode is said to be the final episode in season 1 in japan.
  • This was on of the 5 Episodes made by sonicthehedgehog223 during fall break.
  • This almost aired as the first episode, but due to broadcast errors, Puberty aired as the first episode in the US and Canada instead.