As the News of Penny's Death spreads,Miss.Grazelle warns Grandad Dog of a Caterpillar Infestation that could infect the Town's Reamaining Crops and they both start an Investigation on it.


(The Episode starts off with Brianna Bear running through the Woods after what she just saw happen to Penny)

Brianna Bear: *starts gasping* W-Where Am I-I? *looks around but doesn't reconize a Thing* M-Myabe I-I should just camp out h-here.*looks around and sees a Huge Tree* I-I'll Just Go Camp Out O-Over There! *sits underneath the Tree and starts sniffing the Air* I wonder if there's Honey? *spots a Honey Comb* Mmmmm...! *starts eating it*

(The scene then switches to Pedro, sitting on a Bench with Peppa looking at something)

Pedro: *starts humming the tune of "Jeapordy"* Hmmm...Hmm...Hmmm...Hmmm..Hmmm....Hmmm....Hmmm..........HUM!...Hum..Hum....Humm....Hmm..Hmm! *suddenly he sees a Cluster of Butterflies on a Nearby Tree* What In The World? *goes over to the Tree and sees them up close*

Peppa: I wonder Where They Came From?

Pedro: *shrugs*

Peppa: I'm gonna see What They Do when I touch them. *touches the Tree and the Butterflies get together* Woah.

Pedro: *looks at the Tree in surprise*

(The scene then switches to Grandad Dog's House)

Danny: *wakes up and yawns* This Is the First TIme I've Been Here in A Long Time!

Suzy: *wakes up* Yes.

Danny: Don't You Think It's Strange that Grandad Dog is letting us stay in his House?

Suzy: Yes.Very Strange.I'd Woulda never expected him to do that in a Long Time.

Danny: Yeah, It Is Weird After My House Was Previously Destroyed, Sadly.

Suzy: Yeah.

Danny: I wonder where Penny Is? She Never Came Home Last Night Did She?

Suzy: I don't think so.But I wouldn't blame her, She Has A Strong Dislike For Grandad Dog.

Danny: That's True.

Grandad Dog: *voice from the Other room* BREAKFEST TIMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Danny: Guess, We Had Better Go. *Danny and Suzy go into the Other Room*

Grandad Dog: *smiles* Here's What I Have Made!: Bacon,Eggs,and uh,Pancakes! Enjoy!

Danny: T-Thanks.

(Danny and Suzy start eating)

Grandad Dog: So, Have You seen The Mini-Dome Anymore? If So, I would really be Interseted In Knowing!

Danny: Well-*stops talking*

(Danny and Suzy remain silent and do not say anything else)

Grandad Dog: Silent This Morning Are We? Ya Know, I heard that the Mini-Dome's got special needs like the fact that-*his radio starts ringing* Excuse Me, Let Me Get this! *answers the Radio* This Had Better Be Good!

Mr. Fox: Yes,Grandad Dog,I just Called You to say I've started on my First Day as A Deputy!

Grandad Dog: That's Good to Know! Keep It Up! *hangs the Radio up*

(The scene then switches to Mrs.Gazzele looking at the Crops)

Mrs. Gazzele: *looks out at the Crops* My Goodn-ess! *takes a Look at A Corn Ear and sees 100 Caterpillars on it* Ze Caterpillars Are Infesting Thee Crops! Wee May Have to Take Action To Stop Theese Mess! *takes out a Notepad and writes this Down* I weel Remember Theese to Tell Everyone About It!

(The scene then switches to The Police Station)

Grandad Dog: *sees Edmond passed out in a Cell and Groans* Edmond!

Edmond: *starts to wake up* I..D-dreamed I was-was dancing in a Apple Basket! 

Grandad Dog: *facepalm* How Come You Fell Asleep In A Cell Like This!?

Edmond: I-I stayed Here For The Night Because-......Well...Because I was too Tired!

Grandad Dog: Well Get Up! You've Got a Big Day Ahead Of You *smiles*

Edmond: A-A B-Big Day Ahead of Me? Wha-

Grandad Dog: I want you to go to The Peppatown High School, and Get It Open! Mrs. Gazzele's Going to start teaching again!

Edmond: Oh, All Right! *gets up and unlocks the cell and starts heading for the School* I-Hope This Is Gonna Be Good! I'm NOT Doing This For Grandad Dog! But for Peppatown! *arrives at the School*

(Edmond sees Blood On the Door)

Edmond: Oh No! *pulls out his Armed FireArm* Just In Case There's A NEW Kind Of Threat Inside! *walks inside* Hello? HELLO!?!?!?!? If You've Got A Gun Step Out and Show Your-*sees Penny unconcious on the Floor with 1 Million Butterflies near her* NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! IT CAN'T BE HER! NO! *goes over and sees that she is gone* *starts crying* WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The scene switches to The Cafe/The Diner)

Granny Pig: Grandad Dog?

Grandad Dog: Yes?

Granny Pig: The Town Thinks That You saved them from the Magnetism

Grandad Dog: *looks surprised* Well, That's Good To Know.

(Mrs. Gazzele comes in)

Mrs. Gazzele: Everyone! I have Something Too Say!

(Everyone looks at her)

Mrs. Gazzele: Thee Caterpillars are Multiplying Faster Than Usual! And Threatning The Town's Food Supply! We Must-

(Suddenly Edmond bursts through the Door covered in Blood)



Grandad Dog: *looks horrified* Take Me Over There! Right Now! 

Edmond: a-alright!

(Grandad Dog walks out of the Diner and heads for the High School, with a Hoard of People following him)

Grandad Dog: *walks into the School and sees the Body* My GOSH! Who Would Do Such A THING!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

(Suddenly Pedro walks into the High School and past all the Gawking People)

Pedro: *sees the Body and becomes nervous again* W-What Happened?!?!?!?

Grandad Dog: *looks saddened and Mad* She was hit from behind with a Stone Hammer! A Stone Hammer! And was then finished off with a 2 Double-Barrell 47. Pistol but the Gun didn't hit her directly and o-only gave her a small wound on the Arm! Pedro!

Pedro: (nervously) Y-Yes.

Grandad Dog: I need your Help In finding Penny's Killer!

Pedro: (Nervously but bravely) I-I'll Help!

(The scene switches to The Woods, where Danny and Suzy are)

Danny: *sees Hundreds of Butterflies passing* I-I W-Wonder what's happening?

Suzy: It looks like they're all dying out or something? *sees Brianna Bear* Hey! Who's That?

Danny: Huh? *looks over and sees Brianna Bear but dosen't reconize her as Brianna Bear* Uh, No.

Suzy: Hello! Who are You?

Brianna Bear: *says nothing*

Danny: Yes, What's Your Name?

Brianna Bear: *says nothing at first but then starts to talk* I-I d-don't know.

(The scene then switches back to The High School)

Edmond: WAHHHH-Wait A Minute! *looks at Grandad Dog suspisocusly* YOU KILLED HER!

Grandad Dog: ME!?!?!?! WHAT!?!?!?!! IF ANYONE KILLED HER IT'S.....*looks at Edmond* YOU!

Edmond: ME!?!?!?! WHAT!?!?!?!

Grandad Dog: IT WAS YOU! I KNOW IT WAS! You just couldn't get her could ya? YOU! *continues to Point at Edmond Angrily*

(Outside, Danny,Suzy,and Brianna Bear walk by the High School)

Danny: What's Going On!?!?!?!? *He sees all the people gawking at something weirdly*

Pedro: *sees Danny and gulps Nervously* As I am, His F-Friend, i should te-ell Him *walks outside to Danny* D-Danny?

Danny: Yes?

Pedro: *gulps nervously* I-I have s-some b-bad new.

Danny: What Kind Of Bad News?

Pedro: *gulps 5 times* It-s It'-s Penny, she's be-een killed.


Suzy: *starts crying*

Brianna Bear: *looks confused as all get out* 

Danny: *walks into the High School, sees what happened,and walks back outside in a Hurry* I-I'm G-Gonna Get Revenge On Whoever Did THIS!

(The scene then switches to Peppa's House)

(Brianna Bear is sacked out on the Couch)

Pedro: Y-You Know Something Peppa?

Peppa: Yes Pedro?

Pedro: I saw a Bloody Footprint at the Crime Scene, and I think that it might be hers! *points to brianna Bear* She looks familiar to me.

Peppa: Hmm, Yes, In A Way She DOES Look Familiar to me As well! *looks out the Window* Uh, pedro?

Pedro: Y-Yes?

Peppa: T-There's Smoke Coming From the High School!

Pedro: There's WHAT!?!?!?!? *looks out the Window* AH! FIRE!

Daddy Pig: *wakes up from sleeping in his Chair and from reading the OK! Magizine* Huh? FIRE!?!?!? *looks out the Window and sees Smoke coming from the Highschool* FIRE! I HAVE TO CALL THE MUMMY'S FIRE SERVICE *dials the Phone*

Mrs. Rabbit: FIRE! FIRE! *answers the phone* FIRE STATION! WHERE'S THE FIRE!?!?!? WHERE'S THE FIRE!?!?!?!?


Mummy's Fire Service: (There are only 2 Members, of it,since both Mummy Dog and Mummy Pony are outside the Dome, and Mummy Sheep has passed but will be ressurected in a Upcoming Episode, and the 2 members are: Mummy Pig and the newly recurited Aunty Sheep) Mummies To The Rescue! And Aunty's To The Rescue! *all three of them run out and jump in the Fire Truck and head for the High School*

(The scene switches to a Nearby Field near the High School, where Mrs. Gazzele is burning the Crops)

Bob Bison: HEY! What Are You Doing!?!?!??!?!?

Mrs. Gazzele: I'm doing what I have To do!

Bob Bison: Why!? That's Our Crops! *scoffs*

(Mrs. Gazzele ignores him)

(The scene then switches to Suzy, who is checking in on Danny)

Suzy: Danny? Are You Sure You Are OK?

Danny: Yes, I am Sure.

Suzy: Do You Think That That Girl we found There in the forest Killed Penny?

Danny: *starts thinking*  Uh, Wel-

Suzy: I mean, they both have the same footprint and everything.There was a Bloody One at the Crime Scene.

Danny: Hmm, Maybe.

(Brianna Bear wakes up at Peppa's House)

Brianna Bear: *starts waking up* Hmmmm? Y-Yesterday I was at the School and I heard Penny or whoever that Girl was Scream.

Peppa: *gasps* You Did?

Brianna Bear: Yes, I don't know WHO Killed Her, but, something compelled her to go to the School.

(The scene switches to The Scorched Field, where The Mummy's Fire Service has Arrived)

Mrs. Rabbit: Where's The-? *sees that the Field has already been scorched ablaze* Well, We can go back,the Fields already been burned down,fire's Already Gone,but To put out the Scorchness, I will use this! *pulls out the Hose* Here Goes Nothing-

Mrs. Gazelle: STOP! *stops Mrs. Rabbit* Do NOT Water The Scorched Field! It will only makes the Caterpillars come back in a Colony!

Mrs. Rabbit: Caterpillars? Fine, If you say so, C'mon Mummies! *They put the hose away and drive away*

Mrs. Gazelle: Now! Let Me Show You What Happened Grandad Dog and Pedro!

(Pedro and Grandad Dog look confused as all get out)

Mrs. Gazzele: You see,The Caterpillars are Infesting It! *points to the Caterpillar's Eggs* We Have To Burn Almost 50% of The Town's Crops to keep it from spreading,.

Grandad Dog: I think the Dome's Testing ME Directly, and I've got a Idea For Pesticide!

(The scene switches to Peppa visiting Mr. Wolf in the Woods)

Mr. Wolf: You see Peppa, I am Grandad Dog's Cousin-In-Law and I blame him for my Older Cousins Death! But look, I found this: *shows Peppa a Picture of Brianna bear that his Older Cousin Drew 20 years ago*

Peppa: Wow.

(The scene switches to The Fields again)

Grandad Dog: Ya See This Here?! It's Mr. Elken's Old Plane! *opens up a Garage and It reveals to be A Airplane*

Pedro: Wow.Looks Neat.

Mrs. Gazzele: Indeed.

Grandad Dog: And I can fly this Baby To!

Pedro: *nervously* I-If I c-could I-I m-might could try it? I volunter to fly! *raises his hand*

Grandad Dog: No,No,No NOT For You! I'm Gonna Fly It! The Plauge is a Test MEANT For Me!

(The scene then shows Peppa taking Mr. Wolf to see Penny's Body as he used to be a EMT)

(They see Edmond sitting beside the body crying as all get out)

Edmond: M-..Mr. Wolf?

Mr. Wolf: Yes?

Edmond: I felt like I saw Granny Dog Yesterday! And Th-en I blacked out and passed out and etc. etc. B-But I think Grandad Dog's The One responsible for this!

Mr. Wolf: You Do? Gosh, I've always known him to have a Temper, But I'd Never Know He'd Go THIS Far!

Peppa: Your Right About the Temper Thing.

(The scene switches back to the Fields)

Pedro: *whispering* Mrs. Gazzele?

Mrs. Gazzele: Yes?

Pedro: I was wondering If You could distract Grandad Dog so that I can go fly the Plane!

Mrs. Gazzele: Alright, Uh,Er,Grandad Dog! 

Grandad Dog: Yes?

Mrs. Gazzele: Do you like the Show Top Chef?

Grandad Dog: Never Heard Of It? What's It Got To DO With Anything?

Mrs. Gazzele: You see, a Bunch of People start cooking and everything....

(Pedro sneaks into the Plane silently)

(The scene switches to the High School, where Danny and Suzy have arrived)

Danny: Alright! Here Goes Nothing! *compares the Shoe to the Footprint, and, Surprisingly,they match)

Suzy: WHY! They Match! I knew It Was Her! 

Danny: Let's Tell Mr. Fox!

(They both go to the Police Station and show it to him)

Mr. Fox: The Shoe Print did Belong to Her.I'll Go Get Her! Thank You!

Danny and Suzy: You're Welcome!

Mr. Fox: *gets in the Police Car and drives to Peppa's House and knocks on the Door* Hello?

Daddy Pig: *answers the Door* Hello? Is there anything I can Help You with Mr. Fox?

Mr. Fox: If I may Correct you,Deputy Fox, and yes, I am here to Arrest The Bear Girl!

Daddy Pig: Oh, Come In!

(Mr. Fox enters and sees Brianna Bear)

Brianna Bear: Who Are-Hey! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? *gets cuffed by Mr. Fox)

Mr. Fox: You know Daddy Pig, You could be arrested for harbonding a Fugitive! You Best Be LuckY!

Daddy Pig: Sorry.

Peppa: Sorry.

(Mr. Fox takes her to the Police Station)

Brianna Bear: WHAT! WHY AM I BEING ARRESTED!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Mr. Fox: For The Death Of Penny Dog! *puts Brianna in a Cell*

Brianna Bear: I WANT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG!!!!!!! WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?!?!?!? NO! NO! IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK I SWEAR!

Mr. Fox: (Angrily) Save It For The JURY! *walks away with the Cell Key*

(The scene switches to Pedro flying the Plane)

Pedro: (Nervously) T-This I-Is Nerve-Racking! AH! *pulls the lever and the Pesticide falls into the Fields*

Miss. Gazzele: (On the Radio) Don't Be Nervous.You're Doing Fine So Far.Alright.Now Take It Over to the Crops near the Lower Left Hill and fly left there so you don't hit the Dome.

Pedro: Alright! *keeps on flying and zooms over the Left Hill and drops 60% of the Pesticide onto the Field*

(The scene then switches to Danny and Suzy, who have arrived back at Grandad Dog's House, where they find Edmond)

Danny: Edmond, What In the World Are You Doing?

Edmond: Looking for Evidence against my Boss! *starts randomly opening the Dwarwers* I KNOW IT WAS HIM!

Danny: Edmond, It wasn't him

Suzy: It was someone else.A Newcomer.

Edmond: NEWCOMER!?!?!?!?!? I don't believe it! I know It was HIm! But Who Are You Talking About!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Danny: It was that Gir! From Yesterday! SHE"S Resonponsible for Penny's Death!

Edmond: Girl? GIRL!?!?!? The Girl From yesterday!?! PENNY'S DEATH!?!?!?!? AH!

Suzy: Yep it was her.The Footprint belonged to her as well.

Edmond: DANNY! You and Me Should Kill Her!

Danny: As Much As I don't like that Thought, I'm Gonna Go With Ya ON This One! I want Revenge on Whoever Killed Her!


(The scene then switches to Pedro Flying)

Pedro: AGH! *he sees that he's flying very close to the Dome and has a Flashback of the Plane Crashing on the First Day* AHHHHHHHHH! *He continues flying and sprays the last field and prepares to head back*

Mrs. Gazzele: (On the Radio) I Wouldn't Make That Turn Pedro!

Grandad Dog: (On the Radio) She's Right Don't Make It! don't Make It!


Grandad Dog: (On the Radio) PEDRO! QUICk! Use A Secret Switch To Flip!

Pedro: *gulps Nervously* ALRIGHT! *He does it and then has enough Fuel and he lands the Plane and gets out Unharmed* I DID IT!

(Everyone Cheers)

Pedro: *starts Thinking* The Reserve Fuel was for the Brick Runs that Grandad Dog used to do! Grandad Dg! Thank You!

Grandad Dog: You Are Welcome.

(The scene then switches back to Peppa and Mr. Wolf looking at the Body)

Peppa: Look! *Her and Mr. Wolf look at the Marks where she was grabbed, and it is revealed that it was a Man's Not A Girl's* A Man Did This! But Who!?!?!?!

Mr. Wolf: *shrugs* Eh, Coulda Been Anyone of These Crazed People Around Here.

(The scene then switches to the Jail, where Edmond,Danny and Suzy have arrived)

Edmond: *looks at Brianna Bear in her cell* You Oughta Be Disgusted With YOURSELF!

Brianna Bear: Wha-

Edmond: YOU SHOULD BE SORRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! *pulls out the Gun and aims it at Brianna Bear* Say Your Sorry!

Brianna Bear: But I Don'-


Brianna Bear: Fine! Jeez, I'm Sorry, For Whatever!

Edmond: AH! *He gets ready to fire the Gun but can't do it* I-I can't do it.I-I can't.I can't.

Danny: NO! *He grabs the Gun out of Edmond's Hands*

Edmond: *looks into the Sky* WHY!?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?!?!?!

(Suddenly Peppa and Mr. Wolf arrive)

Peppa: Edmond!

Edmond: Yes?!

Peppa: A Man Did It! It wasn't her!

Mr. Wolf: Yes, A Man, Probably One Of Them Crazed Freaks Out There!

Edmond: Y-ou Y-ou T-Think?

Peppa: YES!

Edmond: *gulps sadly* Uh, Fine! But Who is Is!?! I guess I'll have to Invsetigate. *A sad look appears on hs face*

(The scene switches back to Peppa's House, where Daddy PIg has again fallen asleep on the Couch)

Pedro: I'm Sorta Confused About Our Faith In The Dome?

Peppa: What Do You Mean?

Pedro: I mean, the Dome let Grandad Dog live,and it let Penny die.

Peppa: I sorta think I'm losing You.

Pedro: I guess Because I don't agree with you.Sorry.

(The scene switches to The Church, where they are having a Funeral for Penny and everyone in town has attended, even Mr. Potato)

Mr. Potato: *sniffs* I-I wasn't cut out for this kind of Thing! *starts crying*

Director: *offscreen he Groans*

Mrs. Gazzele: I can't Believe Pedro did that Stupid Thing! *looks at Grandad Dog* I support You Grandad Dog!

Chreyl Cheetah: Amen To That!

(Suzy comes out of the Church)

Suzy: Pedro, have You seen Danny? He's Missing!

Pedro: N-Nop haven't seen him.But I'll GO look! *runs off in search for him*

(He starts wandering around Town looking for him)

Pedro: Danny? Danny? *walks into the Diner and finds Him* There You Are! What Are You Doing?

Danny: I-I'm Looking For Penny's Bracelet! She didn't have it on Her when she was killed!

Pedro: I know ow you feel, I've been through this same situation, I've regretted not getting the Chance to say Good-Bye too many times before.

(The scene switches to the Funeral)

Grandad Dog: *starts trying toact as if he is the Reverend* What Can I say About Penny Dog? A Wonderful Relative Of Mine, Who was Liked By All, In Fact,She was a Good and caring Person,and Had A Great Sensse of Humor and was Nice,She will be Greatly Missed.....

(Pedro and Danny Join the Funeral)

(The scene switches to Edmond, alone in Jail, not doing anything)

Edmond: When I was your Man.....(starts dozing) Our Song On The Radio, But It Don't Sound The Same,When My Friends talk about you it just tears me down-ownn...zzzzzz....(wakes up) Do All of the Things I shoulda Done....When I was Your Man.Do All of The Things I shoulda Done...When I was Your Man....Ah, Who am I Kidding? Now I'll-*feels something under his Bunker and pulls it out* Penny's Bracelet But How-?

(The scene switches back to the Church)

Grandad Dog: And I suggest that we all Know,That,The Town's Being Tested,And Uh,We need to find Faith in Somethg,And Pull Together as One! *he starts the music to We Are One* We Are One,you and I,We are like the Earth and Sky,One Family Under The Son,All the Wisdom to Lead,All The Courage That You Need,You will find when you see,We Are One.


Peppa: *gasps after she sees this*

(After The Service, Mrs. Gazzele goes up to talk to Grandad Dog)

Mrs. Gazzelle: Grandad Dog?

Grandad Dog: Yes, Mrs. Gazzele?

Mrs. Gazzele: You see that,There Are Too Many People in the Dome for all our limited Resources, Some will have to go,We Can't All Survive.

Grandad Dog: Yes. *nods his head*

(The scene switches to Mr. Wolf at his Cabin at Night)

Mr. Wolf: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......*suddenly he hears loud knocking at the door and wakes up* AHHHHH! *pulls out a Gun* WHO'S THERE!?!?!?!?!? *He goes over to the door and opens it t find Edmond and puts the Gun away* Oh, H-hey Edmond.What Are Y-You D-Doing k-knocking on my door this late at Night?!?! Can't A Fella Get A Little Rest For Once?!?!?!?

Edmond: (glares at Mr. Wolf angrily) You Killed Penny!

(Mr. Wolf gasps)

(Episode ends)


Pedro Pony

Peppa Pig

Edmond Elephant

Mr. Wolf

Danny Dog

Mr. Fox

Suzy Sheep

Mrs. Gazzele

Grandad Dog

Granny Pig

Brianna Bear

Bob Bison

Penny Dog (mentioned several times and seen once)

Daddy Pig

Mummy Pig

George (cameo)

Miss Rabbit

Mr. Potato


Aunty Sheep

Townsperson Dog

Townsperson Gray Cat

Townsperson Opossom

Townsperson Goat

Townsperson Ferret

Townsperson Bear (seen at the Funeral)

Townsperson Jackrabbit 

Little Sprout (cameo at the Funeral)

Freddy Fox (seen at the Funeral)


  • References:
  1. The Song We Are One is from The Lion King 2.
  2. Edmond starts singing the song When I Was Your Man while in Jail.
  3. When Mr. Fox says "Save It For The Jury!" this is a Reference to Toy Story.
  4. When Mrs. Gazzele is distracting Grandad Dog, she starts telling him about the show called Top Chef.
  5. Grandad Dog has a Corn Flakes Box at the beginning of the Episode.
  6. Daddy Pig is reading the Ok! Magizine before he gets up.
  • Mr. Potato and The Director both had small Roles in this Episode.
  • The Mummy's Fire Service now has 3 Members: Miss Rabbit,Mummy Pig,and Aunty Sheep.The Mummy's Fire Serice also appeared in the 2nd Episode of Season 1 but they remained silent.
  • Almost Everyone in Town attended the Funeral.
  • Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig had bigger roles in this Episode.But George had a Non-Speaking Cameo Appearance.
  • This is the First Apperance of Bob Bison.
  • Also to note, Little Sprout had a Small Cameo at the Funeral where he is seen sitting beside The Opssom.
  • Since DJ Frits did Not appear in this Episode, He may appear in the Next One.

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