Sodium flag

The flag of the Island of Soda

The Island of Soda is an island near the Island of iSally. In 2016, it almost fell into a void until real estate developer Trumpets on Don built a wall around it.


Wall Around IOSODA

The wall Trumpets on Don built.

It was founded 1945 after an atomic bomb hit the island during testing, which is why the Island of Soda and nearby islands are weird. The island is the first island to be created for the Nuclear Islands (later the iSally Islands in 1999). On the same day, Adult Relith and Yule Goat survived the sinking of the SS Sallysux and found a nearby island. They called it iSally Island and built an HQ. They later realized that the sun had the Taurino logo on it, so they renamed it to the Island of Soda and created the city of eLemma.

This attracted many strange beings such as Potato Mist and Britinna Beats. Due to this, they founded other cities (such as Wildswoods and Ontarlio) and the last one burned down, but came back on June 6, 2006 as Satenstown. However on October 8, 2016, about 4,000 Sodium troops invaded Satenstown killing all of its 666,666 residents. Later, a group of 500,000 survivors of a shipwreck moved to the site and founded the city of Shipwrecked.


Name Date founded Population
Yulegotville January 1, 1945 90,000
Holinn City January 1, 1945 8,800
Wildswoods January 1, 1945 7,000
eLemma January 1, 1945


Ontarlio January 1, 1945 10,000
Allentown January 1, 1945 888,777
Pencilville January 1, 1945


Beachtown January 1, 1945 122,222
Smallville City January 1, 1945 100,000
Milkpapereve City January 10, 1968 18,203
West Strangetown September 23, 2016 46,671
Shipwrecked October 8, 2016 500,000
Funkeystown December 1, 2016 7,051

Famous residents

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