It's Lunch Time! It's Late Out Here! Is A Fanon Episode Of Peppa Pig!

Peppa And George Is Running Late At Lunch Time.

Hurry Up, You Two! We Got Lunch Time To Do!


Peppa Pig: Well, I Guess It's Time For My Break. With My Friend Teddy!

George Pig: Dine-saw Is My Favorite Toy! Grrr!!! (Laughs)

Mummy Pig: Peppa And George! It's Time For Lunch!

George Pig: Oh, Nuts!

Peppa Pig: Well, It's Lunch Time! And Now I Just Running Right Back To The House Before It's Too Late!

George Pig: Definitely, Peppa. Definitely.

(Peppa And George Is Running)

Peppa Pig: (Pant, Pant) George! Can I Please Drink Some Water? (Gulp, Gulp, Gulp) Thank You! Now It's Time To Run Faster!

(Peppa And George Is Running Again)

(In The House)

Peppa Pig: Sorry, I'm Too Late. But It's Way To Far Out Enough.

George Pig: Yeah. (Pant, Pant) Me Too!

Mummy Pig: Well, How Long Did You Be A Shame Of Yourselfs?

Peppa Pig: Yes, Exactly. I Want Some Macaroni And Cheese, Please?

George Pig: And Bacon, Please!

Mummy Pig: Alright. You Have Been Seriously Late For Lunchtime For Mummy Pig so no lunch for you.

Mummy Pig: (Picks A Slip) You Should Been Sooner Or Later.

The End.