Peppa: Welcome back, Selmo and Jase! I'm Peppa. And this is George, my younger brother.

George: Hello. (giggles)

Peppa: What should we do first?

Jase: Water slides!

Selmo: Yeah! Water slides indeed! We're little

Peppa, George, Selmo, and Jase: WHEEEEEEEEE!!!

(at the water slide...)

Suzy: Hi, Peppa.

Peppa: Hi, Suzy. I'm so glad you're back.

Suzy: Me, too.

George: Me, too.

Jase and Selmo: Me, three. (they both giggle)

Suzy: Let's go!

Peppa: Okay, Suzy!

George, Jase, and Selmo: Okay!

Suzy: Get ready, you guys!

Peppa: One, two...

George: 17!

Peppa: No, George. It's three.

George: Three!



Suzy: That was fun! What should we do next, Peppa?!

Peppa: The whirlpool!

George: Whirlpool, whirlpool! (giggles)

Jase and Selmo: We love whirlpool!

Peppa: Let's do it!

Suzy: Okay, Peppa!

(at the whirlpool...)

George: Me love whirlpool! (giggles) It swirly!

Peppa: Let's go!

Suzy: Yes, yes, yessity-yes! (giggles, then pushes the button)

(the whirlpool starts)

Peppa and Suzy: WHEEEEEEE!!!

George: Oh, boy! This is fun! (giggles)

(Pedro and Danny come by)

Pedro: Hi, guys.

Danny: Can we come along, too?

Peppa: Yes, boys!

Pedro and Danny: WHEEEEE!!!


Jase and Selmo: That whirlpool is extra-swirly! (they both giggle)

(suddenly, the ice ray blasts the whirlpool and everything goes frozen)

Peppa, George, Suzy, Danny, and Pedro: Aah!


(Burst shoots his gun at Jase And Selmo)

Miss Rabbit: Hold your horses, everyone! (unfreezes the whirlpool, Peppa, and her friends with the fire ray)

Peppa: (gasps) Miss Rabbit!

Suzy: It's you again!

Miss Rabbit: It's me?!

Peppa: Yes! Let's go!

Suzy, Danny, and Pedro: Okay!

(at the snack bar...)

Peppa: Excuse me, sir. Can I have a chocolate-almond ice cream sundae?

Man: Of course, Peppa. Here you go.

Peppa: Thanks. How much does it cost?

Man: That will be 11 dollars, please. (gives the dollar bill to Peppa)

Peppa: Thanks.

Miss Rabbit: Here you go, Jase and Sel- Wait, what happened?

Peppa: Do you wanna share my sundae, Suzy?

Suzy: Yes, yes, yessity-yes, Peppa! (giggles)

(all giggle and fall over)



The owner of the snack bar looks like Mr. Rhino.

This is the first time Jase and Selmo cry.

Air Date

May 17, 2012 (UK)

May 24, 2012 (USA)

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