Narrator: On weekdays at five 'o' clock, why not pep up and join Peppa Pig and her gang?

[Footage of Emily, Lisa and Brianna is shown]

Narrator: But there's a bad elephant called Emily who thinks she's a full blooded African, is extremely snobbish and bratty and likes to tell on Peppa and her gang. She even has a clique including herself, Lisa Fox and Brianna Bear.

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Narrator: But no matter what happens, Peppatown's the place to go when you're looking for adventure.

[Footage from Pedro's Pictures is shown]

[Footage from Danny's Dance Party is shown]

[Footage from Peppa & the McKenzie family is shown]

[Footage from Lisa the Loser is shown]

[Footage of Peppa's gang jumping in a puddle is shown]

Narrator: There'll be puddle jumping, too! So grab your boots, and join Peppa and the gang! All-new Peppa Pig — starting on Wednesday at five 'o' clock PM.

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