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Johnny Comes to Playgroup

It is the first day of playgroup for Danny's little brother Johnny Dog.

Danny: Don't worry Johnny I will protect you.

Johnny: Ok

Grandad Dog: Now remember Danny, your friends the truth...we adopted Johnny.. That is why he is a raccoon and not a dog.

(At Playgroup)

Madame Gazelle: Everyone we have a new Student...Johnny Dog!

Danny: He was my little brother. Ya remember him. He is a raccoon!

Freddy: A raccoon?!?

Danny: Yes!

Madame Gazelle: EVERYONE say hello to Johnny!

ALL: Hello

(Outside) Danny: Johnny..that is Pedro my best friend. This is Peppa my enemy.

Peppa: *Sigh* Boys!

Danny: Over there with that cat is Emily Elephant! She is my crush!

Johnny makes many new friends today! Johnny loves playgroup!

Johnny: I love you brother!

ALL: Aw..that is so sweet!

But Danny loves his brother more!


This is the second time we see Johnny.

  • Johnny talks more in this episode.
  • It is unknown if Johnny is going be in any more.
  • This episode aired 4 weeks after "Danny adopts a raccoon."
  • Johnny Dog/Raccoon wears different outfit then his first episode. He is wearing a purple shirt with a red spot and not a green shirt and red spot.

AIRDATE - September 3, 2015, USA, July 10, 2015 UK

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