• Narrator:It was raining and Peppa's daycare's roof was leaking.

Madame Gazelle:Oh, my. Another leaky roof.

Peppa:I know. Why don't we fix it?

Madame Gazelle:We can't afford to fix it. And we can't afford to buy a new one either.

Pedro Pony:What should we do to afford that?

Madame Gazelle:Hmmm...It looks like we'll need to start a fundraiser to earn money. Any suggestions?

Suzy Sheep:Ooh! How about we have a car wash? Then we could earn money and have fun at the same time!


Madame Gazelle:Okay. Any other ideas?

Rebecca Rabbit:Ooh! Let's have a bake sale! Everyone loves cookies and cakes.

Madame Gazelle:Okay. How about, you, Peppa?

Peppa Pig:Let's have a rummage sale! Everyone loves to sell things that they don't use anymore.


Madame Gazelle:Perfect! We will have a rummage sale. When you come tomorrow, please bring something you don't use anymore.

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