Narrator. Daddy Pig took George to Jurassic World.

Aviary Entrance

Daddy Pig. Oink! Come along George!

George. Dinesaw grr.

Narrator. Here is his friends Rebecca Rabbit, Suzy Sheep, Pedro Pony, Po Penguin, Percy Toucan, Emily Elephant, and Danny Dog.

George. Hi everyone!

Everyone. Hi George!

Danny Dog. I see some Pteranodons and Dimorphodons.

George. Dinesaw.

Emily Elephant. It's not a dinosaur, its a giant flying reptile.

Narrator. Emily Elephant is a clever clogs.

Owen. Welcome back to Jurassic World.

Narrator. There's the Gyrospheres, the T-Rex Kingdom, and the Aviary.

Blue. We are the velociraptors and my name is Blue and this is Charlie, Echo, and Delta.

Owen. I just created the new hybrid Indominus Rex, look.

Indominus Rex. I am the IndkIndominus Rex and I'm bigger than a T-Rex, roar.

Suzy Sheep. Let me go see the Pteranodons.

Po Penguin. And I'll see the Dimorphdons.

Percy Toucan. I'll fly to get a close view of them.

George. (feeding the Pteranodons fish)

Narrator. They were home.

Mummy Pig. Hello, what's on your tail?

Narrator. It's a baby Microceratus.

Mummy Pig. Good night Peppa, George, Tobias, Jase, and Selmo.

Daddy Pig. Good night my little piggies.

Microceratus. (yawning)

Baby Microceratus. (yawning)