Justin Beaver is a singer from the Peppa Pig universe. He is known for making awful songs and having tons of haters, while also having a group of fangirls that will do anything for him. He really likes the color purple. He is shown as portraying a homosexual. He died when Jessica Rabbit shot him with her gun in "Priscilla Pig" but Justin was alive after the episode.


Episode Name Series Type
The debit card Peppa Pig : All Grown Up On poster
Justin Beaver Peppa Pig : Season 7 In Person (Main plot part)
Dance Festival Peppa Pig : All Grown Up Mentioned only
George Games Peppa Pig : Season 8 In Person (Minor)
Dustbin Beaver Peppa Pig : Season 8 In Person (Main plot part)


  • He is a spoof of Justin Bieber.
  • Originally, Justin was going to be Justiné Beaver, and be female, due to the big amount of People that have called Justin Bieber Female.
    • Also, Each time Danny Dog refers to him, he says she
  • He acted as an antagonist in "Sports Day" and "Priscilla Pig".
  • In The Mister Potato Adult Party, Justin works at Spud after his manager died in an airplane crash. In Season 2, he quit working for Mr. Potato and became Bucky Kentucky's sidekick, Rolland Tennesee.