Warning This video is meant to make fun of Peppa Pig. If you think this will put you off Peppa Pig, do not watch it.
Interacting with KWSU1976 in April Ravine: The Video Game As Peppa will cause game corruption.
This Is KWSU1976's Property. Galtitchergreegee will put a Plasma-Infused Metroid On your head if you mess it up.
Galtitchergreegee.PNG series  

Kwsu1976: I'm in peppa's world now?

Goes Haywire

No n9ooooooooooooooo!

Peppa: This isn't wit you think!

Kwsu1976: starts flying

George: Fly's

Peppa: Exploded

Kwsu1976: Useless!

George: whut?

KWSU: gets electrocuted

KWSU1976: Trololololppplpoolololololo peppafull

Kwsu: exploded again.

KWSU: explodes again

Kwsu1976 has crashed.. Again.

Peppa:trolololololololololololol lol MEEP

KWSU1976: ahhhhhhhuhhhhhhhhhhhhbaug

Suzy: No.


Suzy: nothing.

Sonic the hedgehog: Rams into wall.

Mummy Pig - 2

Mummy pig: No.

Mummy Goes corrupted and so does the pig family.

Kwsu1976: No.

Kwsu has crashed again.

And again. And again.  The end.

Part 2 Coming soon!