Kate Pig is Daddy Pig's cousin, and she was born on July 6th in 1989. She watched Angela Anaconda in 1999 and was spooked, but by the time it ended in 2001, Kate was no longer scared. In 2007, Kate became a famous pop star and had many songs and albums. But in 2010, Kate got her pop star status revoked. In 2011, she became a news woman and befriended Ashley Sheep. She became a pop star again in 2015. She loves her life as a pop star, up from 2007 to 2015.


She has pink skin and black eyes. She doesn't wear shoes at all.

As a child, she wore a simple earth green onesie-like dress with black shoes.

Becoming a pop star (2007), Kate wears a lustrous gold (sometimes silver) jacket with a sparkly long-sleeved black or white dress.

Having her pop star status revoked, she wears a plain purple dress with a red jacket.

As a news woman, she has a dual-coloured dress: the top is olive, the bottom is sand blue.

Becoming a pop star (2015), she wears a dark purple sparkly dress with a chocolate jacket.


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