Kaylee Kangaroo is the sister of Kylie and Joey. She is a member of Emily's clique and is also the tactical planner of Dana's clique.
Kaylee Pose



She is a snobbish, know-it-all, and bossy person. Every day at playgroup she brings an apple for Madame Gazelle. She is also a huge brownnoser and she likes to tattletale on Peppa and her gang. She rarely gets in trouble for it. She is also a huge braggart and also teases Kylie, Joey, and Kyra when no one is looking. She is perfect at everything. In the third movie, it is revealed that she is the ruler of her own universe. Her best friends are Allison Armadillo, Sally Sheep, John Jaguar, Andre Aardvark, Emily Elephant, Lisa Fox, Brianna Bear, Tara Toro, Edna Elephant and Dana Dog.


She first appeared in Peppa Pig The Movie : Gaiden 1, and did not appear in an episode until one year later. She appeared in :

  • The New Look (in person)
  • Sally Sheep (mentioned)
  • Miss Rabbit's Wedding (cameo)
  • Bentley, Barney and Big Kids (minor role; does not speak)
  • Poppies and Puddles (briefly; non-speaking)
  • The Mystery (in a flashback to 2008)
  • April Ravine: The Video Game - Seasons