This page is about the Pippa Pork character. For the episode of said series, see Kily jumper (episode).

Destroying entire worlds, One jump at a time!
— Kily's slogan
Kily jumper was a character from the show Pippa Pork. She was a professional world destroyer from the planet Jumper, hired to destroy the Pippaworld. She had one show appearance in the episode “Kily jumper”.


Kily looked very similar to Kylie Kangaroo. The only real difference being that kily wore a blue/indigo dress instead of a pink dress. She was always wearing blue boots. She also wore a watch.


Kily, while dedicated to her work, was a friendly and fun-loving jumper. She would usually try to make friends with the people she met on certain planets before destroying it. Before her self destruction in the episode Kily jumper, she became great friends with Pippa and Girge.


  • Even though it's said that she's only has one show appearance, she is one of the characters seen screaming at the end of ”Qhe Tuarrel”.
  • After the pippaworld explodes, Susan lamb says that she misses Kily very much, so it's possible that Kily made friends with Susan too.