King Pig is an episode of Peppa Pig


Narrator: The children are at the Playgroup until someone fell into the roof.

Madame Gazelle: Who are you? What is your name?

King Pig: I'm King Pig and I'm stuck!

Peppa: Are we going to raise money again?

Madame Gazelle: Yes.

(Flashback from Jumble Sale)

Peppa: How did you get stuck?

King Pig: You see, while I was trying to steal the birds eggs, the Red Bird told his Big Brother to put me up in this school roof and the Angry Birds may be coming to the playgroup to kill you.

(door knocks)

Madame Gazelle: Who can it be?

(Madame Gazelle opens the door to see Red)

Red: PIGS!

Peppa: Quickly George, run!

(Peppa and George go throw the cafeteria only to see The Blues and Chuck)

Chuck: Get him!

(Peppa runs away while Chuck hits the pole, but Peppa still survives)

(Peppa runs out of the school and Bomb is seen standing on a statue in the park and explodes, the statue falls)

Peppa: Run! (her and George runs away)

(Hal is boomeranging to kill Peppa and George, but he misses)

Hal: Dang it!

(then Terence is rolling to crush Peppa and George)

Terence: RUFF!

Peppa: Phew we missed the Boomerang Guy, the Big Fat Red Bird and the statue, let's go o......(falls in a cliff) Aah!!!!

(Red, Chuck, Bomb, The Blues, Hal, and Matilda are seen in the edge of the cliff seeing Peppa and George fall)

Red: Great, they'll die soon.

(but Peppa survives and ends up in Piggy Island)

Peppa: Where are we?

Grandpa Pig: Why, you're at Piggy Island of course!

Peppa: Who are you?

Grandpa Pig: I'm Grandpa Pig, of course!

Peppa: No you're not, Grandpa Pig isn't green and he doesn't have a moustache and his eyebrows aren't white.

Grandpa Pig: That's my nickname, my real name is Moustache Pig,

Peppa: Oh!

(George sees a pile of candy)

George: Candy (goes to the pile of candy)

Peppa: No George, they might belong to the birds.

(Bubbles is eating the candy)

George: Hi!

Bubbles: Hi!

George: Can I have some candy?

Bubbles: No, it's my candy.

George: Well you are just small so I am taking some whether you like it or not. (takes some candy)

Bubbles: Oh yeah! (inflates like a balloon)

George: OMG (runs away)

Peppa: See, I told you, run for your lives.



  • King Pig 
  • Angry Pigs (Helmet Pig, Grandpa Pig, and Normal Pigs) 
  • Angry Birds (Red, Chuck, Bomb, The Blues, Bomb, Matilda, Hal, Terence, Bubbles, Stella, and Silver)
  • Peppa
  • George
  • Madame Gazelle


  • In this episode it is revealed that the Angry Bird's hate all pigs and try to kill them.