[Peppa, George, Bertram and Brianna arrive at the playground and see Kylie Kangaroo bouncing around]

Bertram: Who's that?

Brianna: Is she your friend?

Peppa: Yes, this is my friend Kylie Kangaroo. Kylie, this is Bertram Bliter and this is Brianna Cutie.

Kylie: G'day! Bonzer to meet you! Who wants a vegemite sandwich?

Brianna: Och, that sounds so yummy! I've never had one before!

Kylie: That's because vegemite's only in Australia.

Bertram: And we've got a bread treat us Scots like. Shortbread! But first, we'd like to have some of this vegemite sandwich.

Kylie: Coming right up! *gives Bertram, Brianna and Peppa vegemite sandwiches each*

[Bertram, Brianna and Peppa eat the vegemite sandwiches]

Bertram: And who's for some shortbread?

Brianna, Peppa and Kylie: Me! Me! Me!

Bertram: *gives them each a piece of shortbread and puts rainbow sprinkles on Brianna's piece*

Brianna: My shortbread looks so yummy with rainbow sprinkles! *giggles* Thanks, Bertram! *hugs Bertram and eats the shortbread* Tastes yummy, too!

Bertram: Thanks, I guess.

[Peppa and Kylie eat their shortbread]

Peppa: Mmmm! Delicious!

Suzy: *turns up on her scooter* Peppa! Kylie! Bertram! Brianna! What're you guys doing?

Peppa: Oh, we're eating foods from each other's country of origin!

Suzy: Food, you say? Can I join you?

Peppa: Of course!

Bertram & Brianna: We've got shortbread.

Kylie: And I've got vegemite sandwiches!

Suzy: I've read about those foods and it says they're delicious! Where do I start?

Bertram: How about the shortbread?

Brianna: Bertram can do really good rainbow sprinkles on it!

Kylie: Or the vegemite sandwiches!

Suzy: I go for the vegemite sandwiches because you can't get vegemite in Peppaland! *eats a vegemite sandwich* Mmm!

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