Peppa's fam
L.I.F.E is a spin-off of Peppa Pig about Peppa and her gang. Meanwhile the parents are starting their own gang. It was created by Pigboy24.


Humans have been on the earth for quite some time now. They are truly a strange and wonderful species. Or at least they were... When a disease spreads around the humans they become extinct and the other animals are left to evolve. They made themselves as clever as humans and worship strange new gods and made the last surviving human queen. Of course Santa and that all missed the disease but down on Earth Peppa and her friends are living the L.I.F.E.


  • Trunky Plan - Commanded by Emily, soilders are sent to kidnap the queen.
  • From F to A - In order to get the highest mark in the test, Danny switches his paper with Peppa's.
  • Open To Job - Miss Rabbit accidentally applies to be a construction worker for the time she is supposed to be at the supermarket so Mummy Rabbit takes her place.