8 George
This article has been rated 8 meaning it may contain words like "crap". It is unsuitable for kids under the age of 8.

George Dancing------
Ricky Dancing-------

Everyone: *Dancing*

Edmond: DANCE FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(BTW This Is The... Edmond Arc..)

George: I ACCEPT!

  • Edmond And George Fighting While Dancing (Just... Try You're Best To Imagine It...)

Edmond: BALLET!!!!! (Starts Ballet Spinning)

George: DUB-STEP (Just... Imagine Dub-Step Dancing.....? Idk If There's Even Dancing For Dubstep)

Edmond: TAP DANCING!! *Starts Tap Dancing*

George: ♪It's Time To Break Dance!♪ *Break Dancing*

Edmond: OH WHAT THE HELL!?!?!


(Gun Reloads)

Edmond And George: Huh?!


Edmond: ............. *Falls Down*

George: Huh!?

The End

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