this is gonna be weird


peppa: mummy

mummy pig: yes peppa?

peppa: do you know where my oranges went?

mummy pig: why do you think i have everything that goes missing

peppa: ok i'll go try the garden.

~tries the garden~

~thousands of oranges are in the garden~

~like it's like that episode with the flood but the water is oranges~

peppa: OH ME OH MY

daddy pig: ~walks outside~ GOOD GRAVY

george pig: ~walks outside~ OH GOODNESS GREGORY

~oranges grow~

mummy pig: the dark times are upon us... the war has only just beGUN

~the pig house turns into a gun~


Suzy: Peppa what's wrong

Peppa: my mummy turned my house into a gun :( i can't go inside now

Suzy: cheer up, peppa! you can stay at my house!

peppa: no. because i miss teddy

suzy: i have

minutes up sorry

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