Amanda Alligator conntinues to manipulate Pedro and Grandad Dog.Mrs. Zebra and Peppa investigate Mr. Rabbit's Involement with previous criminal Activity in Peppatown.Meanwhile Penny realizes Edmond is the "Fourth Person".


(the scene opens up to Suzy,Danny,and Penny who have spent the night in The Barn but they are starting to wake up)

Danny: Ummmmmmph..WHAT! *He sees a Caterpillar inside the Mini-Dome* WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

Suzy: Huh...Umfff....*Wakes Up* What?

Penny: *Wakes Up* Um...What?

Danny: Look! *points to the Mini-Dome*

Suzy: Oh MY! Is That A Caterpillar?

Danny: Yes *looks closely at it* And It Will Grow To Be A Monarch Butterfly!

Penny: Oh.

Danny: Maybe we should go get Peppa.I mean she was the one who hear the "Monarch Will Be Crowned" Thing.

Suzy: Yeah.

Penny: But Peppa hasn't had any Seizures!

Danny: Oh..But we'll need to find the fourth hand.Let's Go Find Someone who has had them and might be The Fourth Hand.And it might will turn of the Dome.

Suzy and Penny: Alright.

(The three leave the barn and set out to Find That One Person)

(Mrs. Cat, who has been watching the entire Event occur, goes into the Barn)

Mrs. Cat: Woah, Maybee Now Those TownsPeople Out There Will Beleive Us! 

(The scene switches to Grandad Dog's House)

Grandad Dog: Hummm.Humm..*hears a Knock At The Door* Who can That Be? *answers the door*

Pedro: Hello Grandad Dog.

Grandad Dog: Hello Pedro.Is there something you need?

Pedro: I want to talk about Amanda.

Grandad Dog: How Are You And Her Aqqauianted?

Pedro: I am reluectant as you to reveal my secrets.

Grandad Dog: Oh.

Pedro: But I suggest, We Destroy her Life Insurance Policy Or Whatever It Is she's using to blackmail us with.

Grandad Dog: Okay, But Uh, I suggest We Investigate A Real Estate Company that Amanda owns, And I'll look into the records to see which properties she has access too.

Pedro: But I can't let you go alone.I must go with you, it is dangerous there.

Grandad Dog: Alright.

(Suddenly Amanda comes up out of nowhere)

Grandad Dog: Oh-No.

Amanda: Hello Grandad Dog, and Pedro, Pedro, I want you to come with me somewhere.

Pedro: (nervously) A-Alright.

(Pedro leaves with her)

Grandad Dog: Oh, No.Now I gotta go Alone.

(It switches to The Mr. Potato Show on Tv)

Mr. Potato: *looks at the camera* And Theese My Friends! Is A Krispy! *eats the Krispy* Mmmmmmm..........Nobody Better Lay A Finger On My Krispy! *gulps*

Director: Alright, That Went FAIRLY Well.But I suggest we get back to the show now!

Mr. Potato: Alright, De-Rector! But What Should I Do?

Director: Uhh...Well...Uhhhhhhh...*sees a Magizine with a Baseball on it* Try Using a Baseball!

Mr. Potato: A Base-Bull? Al-Right! *picks up a Baseball and starts juggling it* This Weel Most Likely Get People's Attention Out There!

Director: Well I sure hope it will, Cause We're Getting Only 5 Viwers A DAY! A DAY! We're Even Lucky If We Get At LEAST 10! AT LEAST! Our Viweing of This Show has stopped! So I'm Sure Hoping This Will Raise The Roof!

Mr. Potato: Raise Ze Roof!? Alright! *puts down the baseball and starts trying to raise the roof*

Director: *facepalm*

(It then switches to Mrs. Cat at the Mini-Dome)

Mrs. Cat: I'll make sure people believe me about this thing! *takes pictures of it with her Phone* Now To see What It Feels Like! *she touches it but it sends her flying into a Backwall and is knocked out* AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

(Danny,Suzy,and Penny hear the noise)

Danny: I think Someone's In Trouble! Let's Go Help Them!

(They rush in the Barn and discover Mrs. Cat knocked out and with a Burnt Hand)

Danny: We Better Get Her To The Clinic! 

(They all take Mrs. Cat to the Clinic)

(Mrs. Cat wakes up from the Impact)

Mrs. Cat: Uh.What H-happned?

Danny: We found you next to a Generator!

Suzy: Your Hand was burnt, so We Took You Here.

Mrs. Cat: Oh.

(Nurse Opossom arrives)

Nurse Opossom: Alright, I'm just gonna take you into the next room to be examined and make sure nothing is broken.

Penny: Nurse Opossom?

Nurse Opossom: Yes?

Penny: Are You Aware Of Anyone In Town Who has had Seizures?

Nurse Opossom: No,I haven't been aware of any since that tenth grade dance You were in.

Penny: *gasps* My tenth Grade-WHAT!?!?!? Oh No! *She runs out of the Clinic*

Danny: We better go catch her! *Him and Suzy run out of the Clinic after her*

(The scene switches to Peppa, who has went to the Police Staton)

Mrs. Zebra: Hello, Peppa.Can I help you with something?

Peppa: Uh,Yes,I was looking for Pedro.

Mrs. Zebra: He's Not Here right now.

Peppa: Oh.

Mrs. Zebra: But I must ask something.

Peppa: Yes?

Mrs. Zebra: What was the Whole Thing About The Propane and The Bricks that Granny Pig Told You About? Because I'd Like To Investigate it.

Peppa: Yeah, she said she had been getting mysterious boxes lately.

Mrs. Zebra: Well, I have PROOF about what I THINK It was about.Here I'll Show You *starts playing the surveillence video*

Mr. Rabbit: (On the Video) So You Have It?

Amanda: (On the Video) Yes! *hands him 50$* For All It's Worth Rapture will work out all well.

Mr. Rabbit: (On the Video) I know it will.

(Video ends)

Mrs. Zebra: See? From The Very Beginning It was about Rapture.And I think that Grampy Rabbit burned down Mr. Rabbit's House To Cover It Up.Fly Fishing,Bourbon,and that hat.*looks into Mr. Rabbit's Desk and finds a Key* I wonder what this is?

Peppa: Hey! I reconize that key! It looks like one of the Keys that Opens Mummy Pig's Safe Deposit Box At the Bank.

Mrs. Zebra: I think we had better go look into it.

(The two leave)

(The scene then switches to Edmond, who is rolling down the street in his police Car when he suddenly sees a Man run at the Sight Of Him)

Edmond: Stop! Fowl Criminal! *Edmond drives after him and eventually ends up knocking him over with the car* Stay Where You Are! Why Did You Run When You Saw Me?!

Unnamed Cat: I...Stole this Can of Salt! *shows Edmond* I didn't mean to cause no harm! And that's why I ran, Because I was afraid you had seen me!

Edmond: Why would you want to Steal a Can Of Salt Though?

Unnamed Cat: (nervously) Because.....B-Because.....Because better than cash if you want to get into the Cement Factory!

Edmond: What?

(the scene then switches to Pedro and Amanda, who have arrived at the Cement Factory)

Pedro: (nervously) W-What Are We Doing Here?!

Amanda: *smiles evilly* You'll See...

Deacon Palmer: Here You Go Amanda! *opens the Car and Amanda gets out*

Amanda: Why Thank You Deacon!

Deacon Palmer: No Problem! 

Pedro: *gulps nervously*

Amanda: This Way! *She leads Pedro inside and into one of the rooms and Deacon folows her as her bodyguard*

Pedro: *gasps horrifcly* What Have You Done!?!?!?

(Pedro sees that she has organized a Fight Club)

Crazed Video Gamer #1: You Are A idot! *punches the other Crazed Video Gamer In The Face*

Crazed Video Gamer #2: I'm Just Gonna Say That Mario is The BESTTTTTT! *punches the other Crazed Video Gamer in the face 2 times*

Crazed Video Gamer #1: Oh, You're Gonna REGRET THAT!!!! *He and the other one get into a All-Out Brawl*

Amanda: See? *smiles evilly* I Told You It Was Good!


(Pedro gulps nervously and says nothing else)

(The scene then switches to The Mansion on Peppaville Island, where Grandad Dog has arrived)

Grandad Dog: *knocks on the door* Hello?

(A Old Alligator answers the door)

Grandad Dog: Hello, Are You The House Keeper?

Mother Alligator: Yes!

Grandad Dog: Is This Amanda's Property?

Mother Alligator: Nope! It belongs to a Other Man who is currently on the other side of the Island on his boat.His Name is Donny "Donald" Dog.

Grandad Dog: Oh.

Mother Alligator: But come Inside so you can wait for him to returm!

Grandad Dog: Okay.

(Grandad Dog walks into the Manasion)

(It then switches back to The Cement factory)

Pedro: (Nervously) So-W-What is this fighting a-all ab-bout?

Amanda: Let Me Explain, You see, People can bring Items,Fight One Of My Men,And Attempt to Trade Up In Value.

Pedro: (Nervously) But You S-See People are already bartering in Town.

Amanda: Well You see, My System is all about needs,It Is About Vices,And I'm Gonna Be Trapped In This Place,I Want to Live As Well As I Can.

(The scene then switches to Penny, who is talking to Danny and Suzy)

Penny: I think that Edmond might be the fourth hand.

Danny and Suzy: Why do you think that?

Penny: Because, at my tenth Grade Dance or 3rd Grade Dance, he passed out,But everyone just thought he was drinking.And Nurse Opossom said he had had a Seizure.

Danny: To be honest Penny, I REALLY Don't Like Edmond.He is so Rude and makes me feel VERY Uncomfortable.He is Mean and Somewhat Iggnorant to others, and believe me, when he gets mad you do NOT want to get near him.And he is always so mean to other people not me.

Penny: (Angrily) Edmond Kidnapped Me After the Dome Came Down!


Suzy: Danny! Calm Down! 

Danny: *starts calming down* Alright, Alright, I'm calm now.

Suzy: Penny, Are You SURE Edmond is the fourth?

Penny: Yes, I am sure, but I must show you something!

(The scene switches to the bank where Peppa and Mrs. Zebra have arrived)

Mrs. Zebra: WOAH, Look At All That Money!

Peppa: Yep, Yemen Yak had a Secret Box Here as well.

Mrs. Zebra: He Did?

Peppa: Yes.

Mrs. Zebra: There's The Safe Deposit Box Room!

(Mrs. Zebra goes over and finds that it is locked)

Peppa: Oh No! How Are We Gonna Open it?

Mrs. Zebra: With This! *picks up a Fire Extingusher and breaks down the door*

Peppa: Wow!

(The scene then switches to Daddy Pig, who is driving around town in his car as he has nothing to do)

Daddy Pig: It's Not Fair! Mrs. Cat usually gets the buidling unlocked before I even arrive! Now I can't get to Work,Mummy Pig is at work,George is in the back seat asleep,Peppa is helping Mrs. Zebra,and I've Got Nothing! Absolutly Nothing, to do but just drive around in this car till Mummy Pig and Peppa get home,and even George can't talk to me,since he's asleep,*sighs and groans then turns on the Radio* Ooh! I picked up something!

(Daddy Pig stops at the Conveince Store)

Daddy Pig: What's the name of this song!? *the song Follow me starts playing* Follow Me Everything Is Alright! I'll Be The One To Tuck You In A-*song suddenly cuts off and Daddy Pig is not happy* What Happened to the Song! Rats! 

Conveince Store Owner: *comes out of Store*  Would Like A Doughnut? Come Fresh Come All!

Daddy Pig: Yes Please! *eats a Doughnut* Thank You! *Daddy Pig leaves the Store and drives home* I'll Just Watch Some TV at home! Maybe Mr. Potato is On!

(The scene then switches to the Cement Factory)

Edmond: * has just arrived there and holds up the Salt Can from earlier* Can I Get In With This?

Bouncer Bear: *growls angrily* Look, I know You're A Cop now, means you don't belong here.

Edmond: That's Not FAIR! Salt is A Acid That is EXTREMELY Toxic and Can Be Somewhat dangerous!

Bouncer Bear: *growls again* I DON"T Believe You For a Second! *snarls then roars* I don't like Cops! SO GET OUT OF HERE! *roars*

Edmond: Then I'll Just Get In This WAY! *Edmond runs through the Bouncer's Legs and hits him in the Knee*

Bouncer Bear: *roars in anger and fury* Grr...GROWLLLLLLL! *Gets in Front of Edmond before he can get in and punches him which knocks him out* That Shows You! *picks up the Salt and walks back to the entrance*

Edmond: oh.....I'm seing birdies flying a-around (goes into uncionusnes)

(It then switches to the inside, where Amanda is making Pedro watch a Fight)

Crazed Fighter: AGGGH! *starts throwing punches randomly and knocks a Guy's Tooth out*

Amanda:*writes Pedro's name next to someone named Doug Heffernan* You know something, Pedro? You're going to be the Main Event!

Pedro: *gasps in horror* No! I'm NOT Going to Do that And I Don't Want To Fight!

Amanda: If You don't want everyone to know that you caused Yemen Yak to run away, You'll do whatever I say!

Pedro: *gulps nervously and horrificly*

Amanda: Your oppenent will be Doug Heffernan, The Cousin Of My Second and MAIN Enforcer.He has a Wife and Old Man and Kids back in Queens!

Pedro: *continues to gulp nervously and attempts to back away but is Stopped by Deacon Palmer each Time*

(The scene then switches back to Grandad Dog at the mansion)

(Mother Alligator has left the room)

Grandad Dog: Alright! Now's My Chance! *He starts randomly opening Drawers and finds nothing and continues to look and then he finds a Picture Of Amanda*

Mother Alligator: *Angrily* You'll Put That Down If You Know What's Best For You! *cocks a Rifle* And Just To Let You Know, Amanda is My Daughter!

Grandad Dog: *gulps nervously*

(The scene then switches back to the Cement Factory)

Amanda: Everyone! If I Can Have Your Attention!

(Everyone turns and looks)

Amanda: I'd Like To Introduce Pedro Pony!

(Pedro looks nervous as all get out and scared)

Crowd: *roars and cheers*

Amanda: *Quietly* You Had Better Not Dissapoint Me! *smiles evilly*

Pedro: *gulp*

(Doug Heffernan comes out of nowhere)

Doug Heffernan: So That's WHO I'm Gonna Be Fighting!?!?!? *laughs hysterically* This Is Gonna Be A Piece Of Cake! *pounds his fist together*

Pedro: *Quietly* Oh No! (slowly walks out into the middle but is immideatly knocked down by Doug Heffernan)

Doug Heffernan: YEAH! *starts throwing punches randomly and Pedro tries to block him but he is going too fast*

Pedro: AH! *He becomes brave and steps on Doug Heffernan's Foot*

Doug Heffernan: AHHHHHHHHHHH! *falls down on the ground revealing he is a Tenderfoot*


Pedro: (nervously)  Uhh...I don't Want to do this! I want to Leave! *steps on Doug's Foot again accidently*



Doug Heffernan: *becoming enraged* Gahhhhhhhhhh!

(The scene then switches to Grandad Dog at the mansion)

Mother Alligator: Sit Down In That Chair! Right Now!

Grandad Dog: Look here, i didn't mean to cause no-

Mother Alligator: (Angrily) SIT DOWNNNNNNNNNN! *snaps her jaws and cocks the Rifle and aims it at him*

Grandad Dog: Alright! Alright! *sits down in the chair*

Mother Alligator: Now, Do You Remember ME!?!?!? I was a Dropout From Your Highschool Class!!!!!

Grandad Dog: Uhh.....Oh Wait!..Uh..I do remeber there being a Alligator that dropped out at like 3 days before Graduation! Yeah, That was You!

Mother Alligator: With No Other Option To Care For My Daughter, I dropped out.I coudn't take the pressure! I was so angry! So Infuriated! So Mad! So-There Are No Words To Describe It!!!!! And worst of all! I was shamed by the very people who helped me find Jobs! I lost all Money and All Thoughts of Anything! And I've held bitterness over that disgusting town since! *snarls in rage and snaps her jaws*

Grandad Dog: *Under his Breath* She Must Be The Insurance Policy! She told her ALL of our secrets!

Mother Alligator: And I know Yemen Yak was scared out of Town By That Boy named Pedro! Believe Me I Know A WHOLE Lot Of Things! *smiles evilly*

Grandad Dog: *gulps nervously* Wha-


(This enrages Grandad Dog)

Grandad Dog: WHAT DID YOU SAY!?!!!!?!?!?!

Mother Alligator: HEH! *starts taunting him* HE'S A FAILURE TO ALL OF US AND YOU KNOW IT! He's As Delusional As Your Wife Was And IS! *starts laughing hysterically*  AND YOU KNOW IT!

Grandad Dog: (Angrily) I DARE You To Shoot Me!

Mother Alligator: Triple Double Dog Dare?! Hmmmm....*points the Rifle at Grandad Dog* I didn't think so! eheheheheheheheheh! YOU WANT ME TO SHOOT YOU!?!?!?!?!

Grandad Dog: Have You Ever Actually Fired That Thing!?!?

Mother Alligator: NO! *moves closer to Grandad Dog* And Now I'll-*Grandad Dog grabs the Gun away from her*

Grandad Dog: NOW! *lowers the Gun* Get Some Rope! I'm Taking You Back To Peppatown Dead Or Alive! And Off Peppaville Island!

Mother Alligator: FINE! *gets rope*

Grandad Dog: GOOD!

(The scene then switches to Penny, who is taking Danny and Suzy somewhere)

Penny: This Way! *she leads them into Granny Dog's studio*

Danny: So What Is It you wanted to Show Us?

Penny: This! *points to a picture with Edmond near Green Stars*

Danny: Oh.

(Edmond arrives)

Edmond: What is-*Danny attacks him*

Danny: THIS IS FOR HURTING PENNY! *bodyslams him 4 times and attempts to do it one more time but Edmond overpowers him*

Edmond: I May Be Small In Size! But WIth Ultra Ex Vertabres and Strong Muscles And Calcium and Vitamin A,B,C,D,E,and F and all the others I am stronger than you! HA! *holds Danny down*

Danny: P..Please.le-t me up?

Penny: Edmond! Release Danny and come with us to the barn!

Edmond: (Frustrated) Oh, All Right! *lets Danny go* So What Is This "Barn" Thing About?

Penny: You see, All Four Of Us,are somehow connected to something bigger!

Edmond: Okay.

(The scene then switches back to The Cement Factory)

(Pedro is still standing over while Doug Heffernan waits for his chance)

Doug Heffernan:(Angrily) GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Gets up and bodyslams Pedro*

Pedro: AH! NO! (Doug Heffernan comes closer)

Doug Heffernan: Prepare To Say Goodnight, Sweet Prince! *lifts up his fist but Pedro, using his skill, even though he is scared, steps on Doug Heffernan's Foot 20 times)

Doug Heffernan: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *falls on the Ground revealing he is even more of a Tenderfoot*

(It appears as if Pedro won the Fight)


Pedro: (nervously) T-thank you! *he looks over and sees Amanda smiling evilly and looks both happy and suspiscous at the same time* Uh-Oh.

Pedro: (Nervously) Help!?

(Doug Heffernan hears this and realizes he can still win and he stands up)

Doug Heffernan: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! (grapples Pedro)

Pedro: No! P-Please Don't Hit Me!

Doug Heffernan: *a Wicked Smile forms on his face* Okay I want....(pretends to walk off)

Pedro: (nervously) Oh T-Thank Good-Ness! Whew!

Doug Heffernan: JUST KIDDING! *turns around and hits Pedro as hard as he can* YES!

Pedro: AHHH! *falls onto the ground*

Amanda: Doug, I declare YOU the Winner!



(The Crowd continues cheering for 45 more minutes until finally they alll start clearing out)

Amanda: I knew You through the Fight!

Pedro: (Angrily) No I Didn't!

Amanda: I bet on Doug Heffernan Anyway! I knew you would do anything except let me win!

Pedro: (Glares at her nervously and Angrily) Fine!

(The scene then switches back to the Bank)

Mrs. Zebra: Here's Mr. Rabbit's Safe Deposit Box! *Opens it*

Peppa: Wow!

(Mrs. Zebra pulls out a Toy Sheriff Badge)

Mrs. Zebra: I Gave This To Him After His Heart Sugerery.

Peppa: What's This? *pulls out a Letter*

Mrs. Zebra: Hmmm...I'm Not Sure?

(she opens the letter and it reads Dear Everyone: I am sorry That I have lied but now want to confess to everything that I have done.My Uncle's Brother's WIfe's Son was lost to both drugs and alcohol.I made a Deal with Amanda Alligator to keep the town afloat and keep Drugs Out Of Peppatown.Grampy Rabbit laundered the money and eventually used the "Brick Business" as he rerfered to it instead.Grandad Dog bought The Propane.The Bricks Were a Secret and were eventually considered illegal and they were reffered to as "Mud Bricks" and the business was gone and built from there.I apologize to everyone i have lied too.Please Forgive Me, Sincerely Mr. Rabbit)

Mrs. Zebra: Grandad Dog was invoved in it? And then that means...Oh No!

Peppa: That sounds Horrible! (She looks into a Nearby Open Safe Deposit Box and it turns out it is Yemen Yak's and she finds out that His great Uncle had a life Insurance Policy that was One Million Dollars) Oh No!

(The scene then switches back to the Mansion)

Grandad Dog: Put Your Hands Behind Your Back!

Mother Alligator: Whatever YOU say! *puts her hands behind her back and Grandad Dog ties her hands with rope)

Grandad Dog: Alright Now Get On The Boat! 

Mother Alligator: FINE! *she gets on his boat*

Grandad Dog: Alright Now! *he starts the Boat up and it heads for the mainland which is 2 Miles away*


Grandad Dog: (Angrily) I don't have to listen you!

Mother Alligator: Oh Yeah!?!?!? REALLY!?!? YOU DON'T HAVE TO LISTEN TO ME!?!!?!? I BEG TO....DIFFFFERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! *she opens her Jaws and prerpares to eat him but since the boat is gong so fast and she attempts to lunge at him but ends up falling off the boat and into the water* AGGGHHHH!!!! HELPPPPP MEEE! (Grandad Dog turns around and sees she fell into the water)

Grandad Dog: UGHHHHHHHH! (He circles the boat back around and heads toward her)


Grandad Dog: I'll-(He thinks for a Mnute and considers pulling her up but then he remembers all the horrible stuff she said to him) On Second Thought! Why Would I Help Someone Who Critcised People!? (He circles away from her and heads back toward the Mainland)

Mother Alliator: HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! WHEN I GET BACK TO LAND I'LL MAKE YOU PAY FOR-(She goes underwater and comes up looking drowsy) I'll-I'll-I'L-L DES-TROY YOU-AND-EVERYTHNG-you-(voice deepens)you--looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove! and care-ab-out.....*she goes underwater due to the heavy rope tied around her hands even though she couldn't break it and presumbably drowns*

(The scene then switches to Amanda Alligator, who is celebrating her victory)

Amanda: I'm SO Glad He WON!!! YESSS! And You Know What Pedro? I'll Cut you in on My Plans!

Pedro: (Angrily and Nervously) I DON"T Want to be In On Your Plans! And What Will Happen when You Stop Getting What You Want?!

Amanda: I will burn the Place Down if that happens.And Now Forrrrrr*gets closer to Pedro*

Pedro: (Angrily pushes her away) Leave Me Alone! 

Amanda: If You Don't, Then I Will Tell Peppa that You CAUSED Yemen Yak To Leave!

Pedro: (Angrily) I Don't Care! I'm Tired Of The Way You Done With ME! I'm Finished Wth You! *He angrily walks away*

Amanda: *Angrily* Idiot!

(The scene then switches to Grandad Dog who has arrived home, to find Mrs. Zebra outside his home)

Grandad Dog: Hello, Mrs. Zebra, Would You Like To Come Inside?

Mrs. Zebra: No thank you, I suggest you come to The Police Station with me!

Grandad Dog: Uh, No Thank You.

Mrs. Zebra: Then I Suggest You come by first thing tomorrow or I will arrest you.

Grandad Dog: (shrugs) Alright.

(The scene then switches to Pedro, who has gone To Peppa's House)

Pedro: Peppa, The Truth About Yemen Yak being in the Woods is a Lie.It was actually like a Few Road Yards In the Woods near the Crash Sight.But it was still in the Woods either way.

Peppa: Don't Worry I already figured it out.

Pedro: You did? Whew!

Peppa: I think that day Yemen Yak was just in a Bad Mood and I think he WANTED you to get in a Fight with him.But who knows where he is now.

Pedro: Yep, Who Knows.But I am sorry

Peppa: It Is Okay.And I have seen you risk your life for total strangers before.

Pedro: Yes, and I promise I will not Lie again, So Am I in your future?

Peppa: (shrugs) I am Not Sure.

Pedro: Oh.

(the scene switches to Danny,Suzy and Penny bringing Edmond to the Barn)

Edmond: Okay, So it's In Here?

Penny: Yes!

(They all enter the barn)

Danny: Hey Look! *points to the Mini-Dome* It has entered it's chrysislis!

(The Others gasp)

Penny: Now It's Time.

(They all touch the Mini-Dome with Edmond)

(The Egg begins to glow, and the power in the Barn goes out)

Danny: Ah Man-

(The Egg projects The Green Stars all around them, forming constellations)

Penny: Wow! *gasps*

Edmond: What's it Mean?

(Episode ends)


Pedro Pony

Peppa Pig

Mummy Zebra (also known as Mrs. Zebra)

Penny Dog

Edmond Elephant

Danny Dog

Mrs. Cat

Grandad Dog

Suzy Sheep

Amanda Alligator

Mother Alligator

Hooded Man

Bouncer Bear

Nurse Opossom

Deacon Palmer

Doug Heffernan

Crazed Video Gamer #1

Crazed Video Gamer #2

Unnamed Fighter

Unnamed Dog (seen in Crowd at Fight Club)

Unnamed Cat (seen in Crowd at Fight Club)

Unnamed Fighter #2

Mr. Rabbit (seen in Video)

Grampy Rabbit (mentioned)

Yemen Yak (mentioned)

Daddy Pig

Mr. Potato


Mummy Pig (mentioned)


Conveince Store Owner

Donny "Donald" Dog (mentioned)

Unnamed Hidden Enforcer (mentioned)


  • Referneces:
  1. When Doug is preparing to Punch Pedro he says "Goodnight Sweet Prince" this is a Quote from Shakespreare's Hamlet.
  2. Doug and Deacon from The King Of Queens appear in this Episode.
  3. Daddy Pig starts Dancing to the song Follow Me on the Radio but it immiedeatly stops when he loses signal.
  • Mrs. Cat once again appeared with a Slightly Bigger Role.
  • Mr. Fox does not appear at all.
  • Daddy Pig has a Bigger Role,Mummy Pig is mentioned,and George has a Minor Role since he only sleeps and says nothing throughout the Episode.
  • Mr. Potato and the Director Reappeared.
  • This Episode proves that Amanda Alligator is the Main Antagonist of this season and the next Episode will really show it.
  • Characters that pass:
  1. Mother Alligator
  • This Episode could technically be considered a Crossover since the King of Queens appeared in it.
  • Appreantly Amanda Alligator is from America as appearntly Deacon,Doug,and The Unnamed Hidden Enforcer are her Hencemen altough Deacon and The Unknown Enforcer are the Main Ones.And also she has a American Accent.
  • The Convience Store Owner Reappeared.
  • It is Unknown if Donny "Donald" Dog actually exists or if he was Just a Sick Lie told by Mother Alligator.
  • Deacon and Doug and The Unnamed Hidden Enforcer probaby came with Amanda Alligator to Peppatown either on a Plane or she has a Secret on how to get out and into the Dome.
  • The Unnamed Hidden Enforcer will be revealed in The Next Episode and it is not who you think it is.It could possibly be the most shocker of the season.

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