Lick is the second single from Star Sheep's album Cigarettes. It includes uncredited vocals from The Rocking Gazelles.

Track listing (Single)

  1. Lick (explicit)
  2. Lick (instrumental)

Track listing (Cigarettes box set edition)

  1. Lick (clean)
  2. Lick (explicit)

Music video

The video is 11 minutes long.

DJ Star

Star Sheep is in a nightclub as a disc jockey. It zooms in on the plasma screen.

The upcoming special edition of Star's album Cigarettes

the cover art for the then-upcoming special edition of Star's album Cigarettes is seen in different poses. Some of these poses were later used for the box set edition of the album.

Bikini in Snow (Balloon Edition)

Star is seen blowing into a flesh-coloured balloon. There are scenes of her dressed in a white bikini outside on a snowy day.

Balloon Dress

Star is wearing a dress made out of pink, yellow, blue, lilac, green and white balloons.

Along with Boyfriend

Star and her boyfriend are speaking French and start flirting.

Unknown scene

Star is wearing a jade green bra and khaki shorts while eating turkey.


Star goes upstairs and undresses, then puts a hide jacket on. She smiles confidently, then goes into the garden, removes her hide jacket and splashes her body with lilac paint. She also glues glitter in spots she has not splashed. She splashes the hide jacket with dark blue paint, then has a mental breakdown. Star poses in front of her boyfriend, then she removes her hide jacket.


Hey, baby, let's get this shit on
We can love each other
Every motherfuckin' day
Baby, can I lick? [x2]
I just want to live my dream [x3]
Let me lick, baby [x10]


[Instrumental Break]

Just live! (x32)

[Chorus x5]

Everyone, gather round! [x9]

[Chorus x32]

Yeah, babe.

Songs By Star Sheep

Lick. Beauty. Cigarettes.


Binkini Party (Cigerettes). Piggycraft (Beauty).

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Star The Sheep