Lick is the second single from Star Sheep's album Cigarettes. It includes uncredited vocals from The Rocking Gazelles.

Track listing (Single)

  1. Lick (explicit)
  2. Lick (instrumental)

Track listing (Cigarettes box set edition)

  1. Lick (clean)
  2. Lick (explicit)

Music video

See Star Sheep/Music videos


Hey, baby, let's get this **** on
We can love each other
Every mother****ing day
Baby, can I lick? [x2]
I just want to live my dream [x3]
Let me lick, baby [x10]

Baby, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick (The Rocking Gazelles: Lady GaGa)


[Instrumental Break]

Just live! (x32)

[Chorus x5]

Everyone, gather round! [x9]

[Chorus x32]

Yeah, babe.

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