McQueen Lightning
Lightning McQueen is the fastest racing car. From America sponsored by Rust-eze in Cars and Cars 2, and he was also seen in "Peppa Gets A New Car!". He also appears in all Pixar Cars video and PC games. His best friend is Tow Mater, and in Doc Hudson's courthouse when he heard a little blue Porsche Sally Carrera saying she's late, Lightning had a crush on her.

At the end of "Peppa Gets A New Car!", he was told by Peppa that he and Sally were invited to a picnic with Zoë Zebra, Candy Cat, Thomas the Tank Engine and Freddy Fox. In Cars: Fast as Lightning, it reveals him that he is telling Todd Marcus that he is hosting a track-building/racing extravaganza.

In Cars 2, he makes new friends with an Italian F1 racer named Francesco Bernoulli, a British racer named Lewis Hamilton, an American racer named Jeff Gorvette, a Spanish racer, a French racer, a Japanese racer, a Republic of New Rearendia racer, a Brazilian racer, a German racer and another British racer. His catchphrases are "Speed, I am speed.", "I am faster than fast. I am quicker than quick. I am Lightning.", "Ka-chow!" and "Ten four, Mater!". He also came to help Ruby "Easy" Oaks find his missing grille in "Ruby Loses His Grille".

His voice is played by Owen Wilson (Cars films) and Keith Ferguson (Cars Toons). His mentor is Doc Hudson. He is the number 95 racer.


In the upcoming Peppa Pig Galaxy (as well as Lio's fandom), Lightning McQueen will say to people that Cars is Pixar's Best Work, and if the people say that Cars Sucks, Lightning McQueen will s*** on them.