These are the consoles that exist in the world of Peppa Pig. (In Chronological Order)

Name Info Appearances Parody Outdated
Batari 1700

Batari 1700

A very old system by the company Batari

Daddy Pig's Game Collection Atari 2600 Yes
George and the PESmall

Pigtendo Entertainment System

A system very ahead of its time. Was very popular. It was named the "Pamicom" in Japan. Peppa Pig : The Movie, Daddy Pig's Game Collection. NES Yes
Saga Pigster System A system popular in the UK and Ireland. TBA Sega Master System Yes
Saga Genius

A system made to compete with the successful PES.

Daddy Pig's Game Collection (Mentioned) Sega Genesis/Megadrive Yes
PigTengo 64

Pigtendo 64


4-player games. 

Daddy Pig's Game Collection Nintendo 64 Yes
Pigtendo GameSphere A mildly successful console. Also appears in The Bully as the GameSphere. TBA Nintendo GameCube No
PBox The first console made by Pigosoft. The Peppa Show Xbox No


Played in the Pippaverse by the younger kids. Miggy in the Piddle, Sumble Jale GameBoy No
PlayTerminal Played in the Pippaverse by many people. Mentioned in Sumble Jale PlayStation No

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