Scary eyes Warning: The following page contains horror elements. If you are easily scared, stop reading this. We suggest you go to another page instead.

George Pig got a video game in the mail, a game called Littlebat10.exe. George was excited and called his sister, Peppa, to come and play the game on Peppa's computer. The game started off with the opening scene, and they went to the save files, which had a large amount of characters locked and dead. George realized this was the haunted game in the news! He had to play it and stop Littlebat10.exe!! George played as Eggman first. Eggman ran through the burnt city, but Littlebat10.exe appeared and cracked him with his bare hands, like an EGG! George couldn't beleive it! It was horrid! Next he played as Robbie Rotten. Robbie Rotten walked through the Randomness fort, but Littlebat10.exe appeared. He said, "YOU WILL DIE!" and shot Robbie Rotten. George was horrified! Now Littlebat10.exe was killing his best accomplices! The last person that wasn't locked and dead was Littlebat10's mum! Littlebat10's mum ran through the Randomness space station, as fast as she could! Littlebat10.exe came out and chopped her with his sword.Then it showed a really super extremely hyper-realistic Littlebat10.exe, much more hidious than the ones in the newspaper. Than it showed one last save file appear..........The real, non-demon, normal Littlebat10!!!!! George shouted "HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!" and played on. This level was on top of Pingas Towers. Littlebat10 ran at Littlebat10.exe with sword in hand. Littlebat10 homing attacked Littlebat10.exe and they had the best boss battle in history of haunted games, or any game! Then Littlebat10 stared at Littlebat10.exe, and kicked Littlebat10.exe down onto spikes, where he turned to dust, and blew away. Then all the damage caused by Littlebat10.exe was undone! The city was suddenly fixed, the characters were alive, and the game shut off. The game flew out of the computer, and blew up! The shards turned to nothing!! George had defeated Littlebat10.exe! The next day, the people killed by Littlebat10.exe in the real world, were living! George became a hero, to the whole entire world! But something was not quite right. Then a day later, George remembered... the disc was gone.....but the file was still downloaded to the computer. George couldn't delete the file... and when he opened it, it didn't open to the game, as Littlebat10.exe was dead and the curse was gone... but it opened to a picture of George covered in blood, with those horrid black eyes with blood pouring out and red dots in the middle... like any EXE...George.exe?

The End


George is not dead or going to die and George.exe is separate from George. Anyways... does anyone want to see George.exe as a Peppa Pig creepypasta.

George EXE-0

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