Littlebat10 holds 2005EvimothCity for ransom. (based of this)


Littlebat10 is in his base with George and Richard.

Littlebat10: Here's the plan. We get 2005EvimothCity. And we hold him ransom for, one million badge points.

George: (ahem) Don't you think we should maybe ask for more than a million?

Littlebat10: Really? Ok then. We hold 2005EvimothCity ransom for, one hundred, billion, badge points.

One month later,

CreationBeTheWorld23: A whole month gone, and still no word.

Mac+Cool: I'm certain he's alright.

George: (walks in) Sorry guys, I can't give you Evimoth. Come to the fort when you have one hundred billion points. (walks off)

Later still,

CreationBeTheWorld23: Wake up, Mac, we're going to go and get Evimoth.

Mac+Cool: (wakes up) Ok, I'll get the points.

Later still,

Mac+Cool: Here's the points.

Littlebat10 is showered in points.

Later still, again,

2005EvimothCity walks in the door.

CreationBeTheWorld23: You're back!

The End