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Transcript for Lizzy Becomes A Villain.

Peppa: Hi lizzy.

Lizzy Lemur: Hi Peppa.

Lizzy: Wanna play at the playground?

Peppa: Sure.

Lizzy: okay.

(At the playground)

Lizzy: I love the swings.

Lizzy: Oh my ma wants my to help her clean the house, bye peppa.

Peppa: Bye Lizzy.

(Scene cuts to Lizzy)

Lizzy: (humming)

(she arrives at Negative George's house)

Lizzy: Oh look, a house.

(She enters the house)

Lizzy: Oh, hi there.

Negative George: Do you want to go inside of this machine?

(She goes inside)

Negative George: This will make her evil! (evil laughs)

(Lizzy Lemur turns evil)

Lizzy: Why the fuck am I here?

Negative George: She's now evil yay!

(She heads to Peppa)

Peppa: Hi Lizzy, how was cleaning the house?

Lizzy: None of your freaking business stupid pig!

Peppa: Lizzy? Why are you mean to me?

Lizzy: Chet the hell up stupid hog!!!

Peppa: Why are you so mean?

Lizzy: You're a fucking pig Peppa!!!!!!

Peppa: Since you're being mean to me, I hate you and you're now my newest enemy!

Peppa: You are so stupid Lizzy go away now!!!!

Lizzy: Never fucker ass!!!!!!!!!!!

Peppa: I'm calling the police and your parents!

Lizzy: No you're not fucking bitch boar.

Peppa: Boar? I'm not a brown ugly gross pig!!!

Lizzy: Chet up boar!

[Lizzy flies in her rocket shoes and crashes into Peppa's house on purpose]

Peppa: My house!!!!

[At the house]

Peppa: Lizzy, you'll get killed by the police!

[The police arrives]

Police: Young Lemur, come down here.

Lizzy: Chet the freaking hell up popo.

Police: Stop calling us popo.

Lizzy: Popo, popo, stupid popo, kill the popo!

Police: She's under arrest!

[Lizzy shoots the police]

[Police die]

Peppa: Noooooo!!!!!

[Lizzy shoots Mummy and Daddy Pig]

Peppa: Nooooooo Mummy and Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Lizzy explodes the entire Peppaverse and everyone but her and Negative George die]

Lizzy: Yay everyone is dead!

[The end]