Peppa, Olivia, and Heropig

Peppa is distracted by Olivia!

peppa breaks a glass


we open on Peppa waking up at 3 in the morning.

Peppa: ~yaaaaaaaawn~ I'M AWAKE! oh. it's 3 in the morning.......~stares at the ceiling awkwardly~

Peppa: I'M THIRSTY ~goes downstairs~


Peppa: ~picks up a cup~ alright. i'm just gonna get some water and go back up-- ~drops the cup and it breaks~

Peppa: OH SHNAAP!...don't worry i got this! ~starts picking up the peices~ OW OW I CUT MY HAND OH SHNAP OH SHNAP.

Peppa: good thing i have a band-aid in my room. ~runs upstairs~ IT'S RIGHT HERE ~opens the band-aid and accidently drops it~ 

Peppa: you know what? forget it. i need to cover up my tracks.

so peppa went outside to the recycling center.

Peppa: ♫recycling, recycling. i'm going recycling...♫

but before she gets there, a police car shows up.

Peppa: oh... shnap

Police dude: now what are you doing out at this hour?

Peppa: welllll, i kind of broke a glass and i'm recycling it before my parents find out.

Police dude:...~laughs~ alright. just make sure you go straight home.

Peppa: I SHALL! ~salutes~

Police dude: ~drives away~

Peppa: ~puts the broken cup in the recycling bin~ awwww yeah. time to go home 

like, 2 hours later, she got home.

Peppa: alright. i'm home!

Mummy pig: peppa? what are you doing downstairs this early in the morning?


the end


  • all of this literally happened to me (Brony4Everr). i just replaced myself with Peppa....
  • peppa never got her water

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