Love in an Elevator is Ellie Pony's 2016 studio album. It has 15 songs on the standard edition and 3 bonus tracks on the deluxe edition of the album.


  1. "Feel Good"
  2. "Oh la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la"
  3. "Really?!"
  4. "Hold You In Your Arms"
  5. "'Til Death Do Us Apart"
  6. "I Got a Plan"
  7. "Talk Dirty"
  8. "Speaking"
  9. "I'm Not Kidding"
  10. "Tiger's Eye"
  11. "I Haven't Seen You"
  12. "Night of the Tigers"
  13. "Lucky Numbers"
  14. "Pennies in a Jar" (Elsa Elephant cover)
  15. "Love in an Elevator"

Bonus Tracks

16. "Taking Lives"
17. "Sunday Morning"
18. "Let Me Do It" (meghan cover)


  1. Some of the tracks are remakes of different artists like Elsa Elephant's "Pennies in a Jar".
  2. "Talk Dirty" is the only song on the album to have swear words on the song.

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