This is the first apperance of Luke Lobster


Peppa Pig: Luke Lobster

Narrator: Peppa and her friends are all playing Hide And Seek.

Suzy Sheep: 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10! Ready or not here I come!

Luke Lobster: Are you playing hide and seek?

Suzy: How did you know?

Laila Lobster: Count! Count! Count!

Suzy: You might aswell help me find my friends then.

Luke and Laila: Ok!

Narrator: Laila has found someone.

Laila: (Pinching Rebbeca) Found!

[[Rebbeca Rabbit]: What?

Luke: Well done Laila, were not keen on rabbits are we?

Laila: No!

Suzy: (To Peppa and George) Found you!

Narrator: Everyone has been found.

Luke: Im Luke, but you can call me toughy. This is my little sister, Laila.

Mummy Lobster and Daddy Lobster: Luke! Laila! Time to go!

Everyone: Bye!

Luke: Bye!

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