In the last episode peppa wanted to see suzy but she went to mexico, then peppa took a plane to mexico, thats where the story is...


Narrator: Episode 2, The flight to Mexico, peppa and her family are so exited about their flight to mexico

Mummy pig: peppa hurry, the flight starts in 1 hour

Peppa and george: im packing everything i need, mummy

Mummy pig: george, do you know how to speak spanish

George: claro señorita (of course ,woman)

Mummy pig: WOW, you also know spanish

Daddy: mummy, the taxi is here

Mummy pig: get over here kids, we don't have anytime to lose

Mr. rabbit: *beep beep* come on people *starts leaving*

Peppa: im very exited about this, Mexico, tacos, spanish, mexican things!

Mummy pig: peppa, remember we are only going to see suzy for a couple of days

Peppa: but with all the money we might buy some things like... i don't know

Mr. rabbit: *squeak* you arrived to your destiny

Pig family: HOORAY!

Mrs. rabbit: flight to Mexico leaves in 20 seconds

Peppa: oh no, we aren't getting to the plane in, time?

Sonic: i'll take ya!

*19 seconds later*

Peppa: thanks sonic!

Sonic: no problem, bacon

Mrs rabbit: lol, im also flying this plane

Daddy and Mummy: i can't wait for this

Narrator: Episode 2 has come to an end, but don't worry, i still have ideas for the next episode