Sorry i've been a little late writing this, whatever, here is episode 3


Narrator: Episode 3, Al fin llegamos a Mexico (At last we arrived to Mexico)

Mrs rabbit: it looks like we finally arrived to Mexico

Pig family: *wakes up* uh, what?

*Plane lands in Tijuana's airport*

Peppa: hooray, we finally made it!

Mrs rabbit: please walk over here people

Mummy pig: im so exited about this

Peppa: me neither

Mummy pig: so, do you know where suzy is?

Daddy pig: you never told us

Peppa: she said somewhere in a place called "villa fontana"

Mummy pig: let me check in this maps app in my phone... it's no that far away

George: taxi, taxi!

Daddy pig: yes, we need a taxi

Mummy pig: oh look here comes one, TAXI!

*Pig family get in the taxi*

Taxi driver: para donde señora (where do i go, lady)

Mummy pig: uh, "villa fontana"

Taxi driver: mmm, ya veo, y ustedes de donde son? (mmm, i can see, and where do you come from?)

Daddy pig: uh, Reino Unido (uh, United Kingdom)

Taxi driver: ok, bueno, ya voy a "villa fontana" (ok, let's go to "villa fontana")

Peppa: WOW i ca-, no puedo esperar a ver a suzy (WOW i can't wait to see suzy)

*30 minutes later*

Taxi driver: ya esta, llegamos, son 75 pesos (ok, we are here, 75 pesos, please)

Mummy pig: basura, se me olvido ir a la casa de cambio (dammit, i forgot to went to the pawn house)

Taxi driver: no se preocupe, acepto cualquier tipo de dinero (don't worry, i accept all types of money)

Mummy pig: oh ok, aqui esta el dinero (oh ok, here is the money)

Peppa: wheres suzy house?

Daddy pig: we must ask to everyone

Pig family except daddy: oh c'mon!

Narrator: Episode 3 has come to an end, but don't worry, i will keep making more episodes in the future