YAY, it's the 4th episode of the series, mmm... i wonder if this people even read my series


Narrator: Episode 4, Hola suzy! (hello suzy!)

Peppa: mmm, this might be suzy's house

Mummy pig: mmm, i guess we will try *rings bell*

Suzy: *opens door* hay alguien? (is there someone) oh, peppa

Peppa: uh, Hola suzy (hello suzy)

Suzy: theres no need of talking like someone from here, you know me

Peppa: why are you here, suzy?

Suzy: because of my uncles, they wanted me to come here for a couple of days, i don't really wanted to do this, but they forced me to...

Mummy pig: ok suzy, don't worry everything is going well

Daddy pig: let's get into the house, the sun is killing me

George: house, house!

Suzy: ok, come in

Uncle sheep: hola, ustedes deben ser la familia cerdito (im too lazy to write translations, learn spanish yourself >:( oh, im also lazy to make episodes)

Mummy pig: si, claro, saben ingles, por lo menos?

Aunty sheep: *laughs* no mucho señora cerdita

Mummy pig: ok *plays crawling - linkin park ear rape edition*

Peppa: oh, suzy, tienes algo con que jugar?

Suzy: bueno, tengo un PIGTENDO DS

Peppa: yo tambien, pero se lo di a george porque mama dijo que ya era grande para jugar

Daddy pig *stomach growls* he he, necesitamos, comer primero (gets embarassed)

Suzy and peppa: *go upstairs*

Suzy: whew, that was a close one, actually my aunty treats my a little bad, but she doesn't want anyone to know about

Peppa: ok, does your uncle do the same?

Suzy: no, not really, unless i missbehave, but that was intense, he made me bleed a little (shows mark)

Peppa: oh my god

Narrator: well, we learned some info about suzy, also this episode has ended like all the other ones, comment in the comment box below so i can know what do you guys think about it