Mac+Cool the Cracktastian is a Sonic Parody Game in which Mac has to run around and foil many villians plans.




Amy Rose=Alfirk

Eggman= Varies from game to game.


Silver: BlueWhale9000


Mac+Cool 1

Mac+Cool has to find the Crazy Gems before they fall into the wrong hands.

Mac+Cool 2

Once again, Mac must foil evil plans.

Mac and Little

Littlebat10 tries to steal the Crazy Gems.

Mac CD

After Alfirk is kiddnapped, Mac must save him, the moon, and stop his robot twin.

Mac+Cool Adventure

Mac has to gain his place as faster than CreationBeTheWorld23

Creation the Cracktastian

After falling from space, Creation must regain memory.

Mac+Cool 06

BlueWhale9000 travals back in time after being convinced that Mac has caused the doom of his future city.

Mac+Cool Gen

Mac must go through his past with his past self to stop evil plans.

Mac+Cool Boom

Mac and his friends go on vacation to an island to chase they're rival.

And More.