Mac Pig, Peppa's cousin, comes to play.


Peppa: My cousin Mac is coming!

George: Hooway! Peeghetti!

Mummy Pig: First of all, Mac isn't macaroni. Second, macaroni is not spaghetti. And third, it's called spaghetti, not peeghetti.

Mac: (walks through door) Hello, Peppa!

Peppa: Hello Mac! You're early!

Mac: I have lots of time. Let's play!

Mummy Pig: Emily forced us to let her hang out with you.

Emily: (walks in)

Mac: Emily Elephant!

Emily: Peppa, we should have a showdown. If I win, I stay and crash the playdate. If you win, I leave.

Peppa: George, go get the toy guns.

George: (gets toy guns)

Emily: To the yard


(showdown music plays)

Peppa: (shoots toy gun at Emily)

Emily: Dang nabbit! Later!

Mac: I have to go soon. Let's play Catch!


Mac: Good bye!

Peppa: Good bye!


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