Madame Gazelle (birth name Gigi Gazelle) is a recurring character in Peppa Pig.


Madame Gazelle is a wise gazelle who is the lead singer, guitarist and lyricist of The Rocking Gazelles and the teacher of Peppa and her friends at the playgroup. She knows a lot about instruments, pen pals and more. She taught all of the parents when they were children.

Her 2 sisters are Gizi Gazelle and Glenda Gazelle. Her daughter is Georgia Gazelle.


  • She is much older than Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig, as she was also their teacher in the playgroup.
  • She is the only grown-up female that isn't referred to as Miss, Mrs. or Mummy.
  • She has a brother named Gary Gazelle.
  • In "Peppa Gets A New Car!", it reveals that she is holding a car garage to buy new car replacements.
  • She has wrote many songs for Elsa Elephant.
  • In "The Gazelle" it is revealed that she has no friends or family, meaning she is an orphan.

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