Mecha Peppa art

Mecha Peppa is a character in Peppa Pig : The Movie. She is a robotic replica of Peppa Pig. She is one of Lord Fry's evil minions.


Mecha Peppa looks somewhat like Peppa Pig, but with notable differences:

  • Her skin is grey, rather than pink.
  • Instead of a face, she has a computer screen.
  • She has only one ear.


  • Using her arm-gun
  • Enduring a huge amount of pain
  • Continuing the fight even if she loses body parts


Robot Size Chart

Size Chart

Robot Peppa

Similar to Mecha Peppa, but has no built-in gun. She is smaller as well, and appears to wear orange, rather than red.

Mecha Chloe

A larger recolor of Mecha Peppa. She is about the size of Chloe Pig, rather than Peppa Pig.

Robot Alexander

Only a prototype of this was made, and was destroyed immediately, Lord Fry found it useless, and stopped creating them.

Mecha George

When destroyed, he sends out sharp razor tears.


Mecha Peppa was killed off by Daddy Pig, pushing her off a cliff, causing her to fall into water and explode.