Narrator. It was time to go to the beach.

Merpeppa and the Australian sea lion

Mummy Pig. You need sunscreen.

Tobias. Ewww.

Daddy Pig. Now George.

George: Yuck! (crying)

Mummy Pig: Peppa, where are you?

Narrator. Daddy Pig can't find Peppa.

Peppa: I like to touch the orb.

Suzy: Hey, my legs!

Peppa: Let go!

Suzy. Hello! Australian Sea Lion.

Australian Sea Lion. Hello,

Peppa: I can sit on a rock.

Australian Sea Lion. Thank you for finding my rock!

Peppa: Hey, let's go before we get grounded.

Narrator. Suzy and Peppa got legs and ran quickly before their parents found out that they've touched the orb.

Mummy Pig. There you are, its home time.

Daddy Pig: Good night my little piggies.

Gopher: (yawning)

The End

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