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Peppa wants to return after being gone for a while, but..


Peppa is walking to the pig house. She has been gone for a few months.

Peppa pig: This is it. I'm finally coming back.

She starts to see the house, but sees that it's on fire

Peppa: !?!?!?!

Mummy pig: (from inside the house) AAAAAAA DINOSAUR TREE BUTTS!!!!

George: (also inside) [Swinging from the lights and screaming like a girl]

Daddy pig: [Is half cow]

Peppa: Everyone's gone mad! What..happened?

Peppa is unsure of returning now. Worried that they might not remember her or don't care anymore.

Peppa: If i show up now, i'll be nothing compared to what's going on now. I bet they'll barely even notice if i walk in. ~sighs and turns around~

Daddy pig: [Opens the door] Peppa? You're here! Does this mean you're coming back? Please, come in!

Peppa: Well, um. Eu vrea pentru, dar eu simți ca am fost plecat prea lung și nu unul vrea mă înapoi.

Daddy pig: [Already back inside]

Peppa: [sighs] Maybe one day i'll come back. [Walks away]


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