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Milkpapereve City is a city in northern Island of Soda. Many Sodium movies have been filmed there, and has a large film industry. It also has a seaport located south of the city called the Port of Milkpapereve City. It contains six areas: Hill Drop, Soap Factory, Pizzaton, Pingle, Shivine, and Gasville.

The city was founded by Colonel Potato III on January 10, 1968. It was named after the Milkpapereve disease because a lot of people there had it for some reason.

According to the 2016 census, the city had a population of 18,203.

Points of interest


  • Hill Drop Middle School
  • Man Potato High School
  • Milkpapereve City College


  • 2BN Headquarters
  • Sodium Films Museum
  • Chinese Restaurant of Milkpapereve City
  • Port of Milkpapereve City
  • Statue of Colonel Potato III

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