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Miss Rabbit (birth name Raina Rabbit) is Mummy Rabbit's sister and Rebecca Rabbit's aunt who tends to have a ton of jobs such as, a bus driver, a cashier, an engineer, a fireman, a helicopter pilot, a china shop owner, a recycling plant owner, an air hostess, a firefighter, a librarian etc. It has even been made into a joke in the episode "Miss Rabbit's Day Off". Sometimes she is confused with Mummy Rabbit.


She looks exactly the same as Mummy Rabbit.

In CreationBeTheWorld23's fandom she wears a teal dress with short aqua sleeves so she doesn't get confused with Mummy Rabbit.

The CGI animated version of her has slightly darker skin and her dress that she wears in CreationBeTheWorld23's fandom also has pink flowers on it, and she has purplish eye shadow.


  • Miss Rabbit has a pet goldfish called Ginger. It is unknown if Ginger is canon or fanon.
  • She owns a C2 bus, which she drove a real C2 London bus. That was seen in "Miss Rabbit Drives A Real C2 Bus".
  • In CreationBeTheWorld23's fandom, Miss Rabbit has a daily schedule for all her jobs and it was revealed that she works to make money to pay her taxes.

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